Character Of The Week: Roga Monk- Literally Everything They’ve Posted Thus Far

So, on Monday, this new guy starts a thread on the forums and starts filling it with work that literally causes peoples heads to explode… Hang on, didn't I do this once before, for Valyndril? Oh well. Either way, I'm a bit stuck, because I actually don't know what piece to highlight here. I whole-heartedly suggest following the link below to Roga Monk's gallery. Some, No, All of the the stuff in there is amazing, but just to give you a taster, here's the first picture that Roga posted. And this isn't even the best one, I just couldn't decide which was...

Gallery: Roga Monk

Also Awesome This Week

AMS- Cybill

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Anarchangel- The Swan Maiden

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Azimandias- MORSmoraner (War Time)

Gallery: forest wizard

CantDraw- WildDancePose (this isn't even finished yet, it's just the base pose. I can't even imagine what CD's gonna do with it).

Gallery: CantDraw Gallery of Bad Art (Most Misleading Gallery Name)

DiCicatriz- Roshana



Gallery: DiCicatriz- Mi propia realidad (Can't believe you need me to link this one as well)

JR19759- Consumed (Can I include my own stuff? Obviously not as COTW but as an Also Awesome?)

Gallery: If you must

MadJack- Zeitgeist

Gallery: Mad Jack's World of Superheroes & Villains (and awesome Creators Club Posters)

Nobody- Dark Matter

Gallery: Nobody's Home (Best Gallery Name)


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