Ground Eruption to Major Tom

I've just added the following "Stuff's coming up out of the ground FAST" item to Background-Floors:


5 Responses to Ground Eruption to Major Tom

  1. CKnap says:

    That’s awesome Jeff, I can already see myself blowing thy up and using it as a road being ripped up or something.

    As for the blog I had an idea, not sure if its actually possible. Is there a way to make it that we can manipulate images more, like being able to put a image on the opposite side of words without it going between them. I can send a picture a bit later if needed

  2. Kaldath says:


    Do you mean when Authoring a blog post ? And do you mean have the text Wrap the image ? I have in the past done posts with the text to the right of a picture, you have to use a Thumbnail or Medium Image size view to have enough room to wrap the text around. I find it easier to simply use a large image and put the text above or below it.

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    If you mean when authoring a blog post, you can do that with images. When you upload it, you get an option in the bottom right column with several options, one of which is alignment. Right-align it to get the behavior you’re talking about, where the image is on the right and the text floats left. As Kaldath mentioned, though, you have to use a small enough image size (medium or below) to have enough room in the column.

    You can’t really put images and stuff into comments, if that’s what you meant. Jut the ones below the comment text box.

  4. CKnap says:

    Why kaldath said is bang on, I didn’t know we could do that as iv never seen it yet. Probably because as you guys said you need a small enough image. But thanks for the update, guess you do learn something new everyday.

  5. Kaldath says:

    If you look at some of my older Poll Position posts I posted the text to the left of the images, one I remember doing it too was the a Spiderman based one, I think it was the one about the Female Spiderman spin offs, the different spider-women & Girls