Caption contest Delay

I am going to delay the caption contest this week by a day or two as I am dealing with a great deal of weather related pain today. I have taken something for the pain and now can barely keep my eyes open to write this let alone track down and edit a photo to be captioned.  Sorry for the delay but I hope to have it up tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Caption contest Delay

  1. Hammerknight says:

    Just take it easy and start feeling better. We understand.

  2. Herr D says:

    “Good luck, K!” [smacks electronic panel, mutters about how weather improvement software isn’t working, aims solar panel reflection in K’s general direction] “I’m–uh–sending good wishes your way, since there’s not much else I can do from here.”

  3. Kaldath says:

    Thank you HK & Herr D. I am feeling better now, not back to normal yet but better then last night. Of course normal if not the greatest state either as pain is a constant every day companion of mine for at least the last 15 years. You live with pain long enough you learn to ignore it, It’s just that sometimes when it rains ( or snows ) the weather pushes the pain level up past my normal tolerance level. I am laying in bed at the moment listening to some music but I should be up to getting something posted tonight as the storm is fading in strength.

  4. Hammerknight says:

    The weather is not killing me right now, but I am teaching my boys how to cut fire wood and clear a field, so I’m right there with you. Just thinking about moving hurts.