See horse? Sea horse!

Since I had it drawn anyway for a "super hero pet" commission, I went ahead and added this little fellow into Companion Standard. Because this is much more practical than skiing through the air on flying fish.


6 Responses to See horse? Sea horse!

  1. ams says:

    Great! That reminds me to catch up on my cartoons…..

  2. Herr D says:

    Thank you. Oh. . . when a horselike creature gets married, would she wear a bridal bridle?

  3. Katmir says:

    Hey, ain’t that King Aquaman’s ride? I want one.

  4. Trekkie says:

    I sea what you did there! I also see a sea horse. Nice!

  5. Hammerknight says:

    Sweet ride.

  6. CantDraw says:

    Hey, when did Don Bluth start contributing here! BTW, that’s a compliment since I’m a fan of his work.