Male Body Materials Set Added

I've just added a new set of items to HeroMachine3, "Body-Male-Materials". It has the following options:


As usual, you might have to clear your cache for the new stuff to appear.

From left to right and top to bottom, they represent a direct translation of the options in the same set for HeroMachine 2. They are:

  • Banded metal (already exists in another set);
  • Crystal (already exists in another set);
  • Concrete;
  • Earth/rock;
  • Lava/dirt with veins/blobby stuff;
  • Classic riveted robot;
  • Wood;
  • Shiny metal;
  • Slime/water;
  • Air/clouds/vapor;
  • Classic "Human Torch" style flame lines

I haven't broken them into pieces because a) I'm lazy and hate doing that and b) I wanted to see if there were any additional materials you'd want to see here. I think it makes more sense to have the full set available up front, then all the pieces later, to save so much scrolling.

11 Responses to Male Body Materials Set Added

  1. dblade says:

    Boom! Head. Exploded.

  2. dblade says:

    I’ll try to help out with the breaking apart of pieces. I’ll wait to see what other materials appear before starting anything though.

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thank you sir!

    Speaking of which, I need to do Heads to match these. I’ll start that in a few minutes.

    Also, of course, the female versions of these. I’m gonna be busy today!

  4. ams says:

    It is Christmas! More, more, and more…..

  5. CKnap says:

    What AMS said!
    There’s a site for dc universe online that shows all the skins.
    They have, lava, crystal, plant, cyborg, demonic, undead, you name it! Maybe it could give a few ideas.

  6. Herr D says:

    Sometimes it can be great to try on a completely new kind of skin.
    Thanx, guys.

  7. Trekkie says:

    Awexome! (We haven’t used that for a while, have we?) I love the rock and cloud ones. And the riveted one could certainly work as a very nice base for adding stuff on top. I think I’m gonna have a lot of fun using these…

  8. Quark says:

    Wonderful! This is going to be quite handy for sure. I hope I can come up with a proper way of doing scaley bodies with what we already have…

  9. Scorp says:

    Holy Moly, this is awesome!

    Down side is, I now have to go through loads of my characters with these updates. Well less gassing from me then, better go get creating!


  10. djuby says:

    Might be cool if these were also featured as Patterns in the items tag. That way they could be applied to other body parts – outstretched/bent arms – etc.

  11. CKnap says:

    I just realize the rocky body looks really close to a back view.
    Pretty cool.