HM3: Female Masks

I've just updated HeroMachine 3 with the "Headgear-Mask-Female" set. Previously when using the existing headgear sets, the default placement was too high and the head outline wasn't really right for female figures. When I first planned out HM3 the thought was that these items would be generic and if you picked a female body I'd just programmatically move items to whatever the new default position/scaling was. That didn't really work out. So now I'm going back through and manually fixing these sorts of sets that just don't quite fit properly.

I'll move on to the rest of the Headgear items next, but I thought the Masks were the most pressing. On some of these I just moved them into place, but for others I actually redrew the head outlines and reshaped the shadow color areas. I hope this helps make the creation of female characters easier and more rewarding.