Fantasy Friday #1 “Legend of the Seeker”

Today's topic is "Legend of the Seeker", I really like the show, it is one of those show that you can go back and watch all over again every year or so. I did not read any of the books that it is base on, so I can not say how close the show was to the books, but I would like to know. Let's hear what you have to say about the show and the books.

13 Responses to Fantasy Friday #1 “Legend of the Seeker”

  1. Kaldath says:

    Legend of the Seeker was an absolute train-wreck and disappointment. The show got almost EVERYTHING wrong! I guess if I didn’t know anything about the Sword of Truth series it could have been an enjoyable series to watch but having read the book watching the show was just absolutely painful.

  2. Delirious AL says:

    The show is almost a complete rehaul of the books. I never watched the entirety of the TV show, but I don’t think it covers the whole story of the 11+ books. Each book ranges from 400 to 1000 pages and the author, Terry Goodkind does way more describing than necessary, but I thought the books were much more engaging than the TV series. However, they’re almost incomparable due to the differences. And the fact that I read the books first probably set me up to be disappointed with the show, as is generally expected when such a thing happens. Also, the books are NOT pg13. There’s some way graphic content in them. I did thoroughly enjoyed them though! 😀

  3. Gene says:

    I liked the show, but had watched it before I read any of the books. It was an enjoyable fantasy series with a good cast. I have since read the first book, and while as mentioned above it was lengthy, it was a good read. But I wouldn’t go comparing the two. Just say that the series was based on the books, not trying to follow them.

    However, that said, I have found that if I watch a movie or series before I read the book I tend to enjoy them more, than if I read the books first.

    Case in point; the Dresden files. One of my favorite book series, but I cannot watch the tv series. *Shrug*

  4. prswirve says:

    Ah glad i haven’t read the book yet. I watched the entire series seasons 1 and 2. But now almost entirely forgot the whole story.

  5. Prof. Abercrombie Q. Anthrax says:

    Watched the show a couple times, couldn’t get into it.

  6. Arioch says:

    Read the first book, hated it with a passion, especially given its lame sexist SM bits.

    THe TV show… It was passable IMO.

  7. Anarchangel says:

    I completely missed Legend of The Seeker when it was first aired, mostly because I was completely unaware of its existence.

    I finally discovered it a few years back when Syfy replayed the full thing and I kinda liked it. Sure, it wasn’t anything truly spectacular and actually seemed kinda low budget at times but it was an enjoyable show.

    Plus, Tabrett Bethell. Holy crap that girl’s hot.

    I fall into the camp of seeing the show before reading the books and I’m sure, like others here, that if I had done it the other way around I would most likely have hated the show. I read the Lord of the Rings way before the movies where made and when I finally watched them I spent most of my time picking out everything they did wrong.

  8. NateThePrate says:

    Never heard of it.

    The only Seekers I’m aware of are led by Judith Durham…

  9. I caught a couple of snippets of the TV show. Didn’t know what it was and it was the middle of the second season, so I passed at the time. Maybe I will check it out when I catch up on all my other shows. Not much of a book reader, so I won’t spend time criticizing inconsistencies.

  10. darkvatican says:

    I watched the first season and enjoyed it. Towards the end of the first season, it started getting more and more, shall I say, risque. When I saw the promotional imaging for the second season and it was very risque, I was disappointed, but I held out hope. After reading the first review of the second season, I found that the second season was a lot more risque than the first had been. I passed on it, and haven’t looked back.

  11. Worf says:

    I watched both seasons. The first one was passable. The second one felt very much like a rehash of the first. The only thing that made it watchable, for me, was that it had TWO hot ladies… Sorry ladies, but that’s the truth. (Hey, it goes both ways. I’m pretty sure my wife watches Hawaii 5-0 because of Alex O’Loughlin.)

  12. Quezz says:

    The only thing I liked about Legend of the Seeker was the costumes. The Mord-Sith suits were amazing, and I think better than their description in the books. Otherwise, I passed on it.

  13. TOOL says:

    I didnt know there were books but I rather enjoyed the first season, the second not so much but it was okay