Fight Night “Pre Show”

I am starting a fight club on Friday nights. You can design up to six characters(for right now) to join the club. Three weight classes, Light, Medium, and Heavy. Light weight is under 300lbs. for males and under 200lbs. for females. Medium weight is 300lbs. to 600lbs.  for males and 200lbs. to 500lbs. for females. Heavy weight will be 601lbs. to 1000lbs. for males and 501lbs. to 900lbs. for females. You are allowed a male and female character for each weight class. You do not have to enter all six characters if you don't want to. I am taking suggestion for the type of fight classes, Martial Arts with and without weapons would be two of the classes, and Bare Knuckles would be another class. Let me know what other classes you would like to see. Once we decide on the fight classes, you will choose which class you want your fighter to be in. The way the fights will go, after all the characters have been collected I will pick two from each weight class to fight each other, the fight classes will very each week. I will post a poll with the fight matches set up for you to vote on. You will not be voting on the characters design you will be voting on which character you think could kick the other one's butt in a fight. The fights will be random each each. The fights are just for fun, no big winner at the end. The design of your character does count, because you want your character to look like they could really kick butt. I will post the fight classes next Friday and the fights will begin the Friday(April 26) after that. So you have two weeks to work on your characters. After the fight classes are posted you can start posting your character for everyone to see. You will have until April 25 to post your characters, no characters after that date will be allowed to fight. At one point in time we may open up the club for new fighters to join. Anyone can enter characters for the fights, because they will be voted on in a poll. I don't know if I will enter fighters or not at this time. I think this will be a fun event. I hope to have a lot of people joining the club. I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the fights.