Saturday Morning Cartoons #1

It is Saturday morning here so let's talk toons. When I was young Saturday morning cartoons were what I lived for. It was something I waited for all week. To tell you the truth I still love my cartoons. I just don't think that the shows they have on today are cartoons. The artwork is very low rate. The story lines are all the same (bad) and I don't think that kids should be watching some of them. Most of the cartoons when I was a kid taught you something each week, to quote "G.I. Joe" "Knowing is half the battle." They showed you the difference between right and wrong and a lot more. For the topic today let's talk about "Scooby Doo", it is fresh on my mine because I started watching the 2011(?) "Scooby Doo" on Netflix this week. What do you think, like, dislike, about Scooby and the Gang?

P.S. We are redoing the weekly line up and "Saturday Morning Cartoons" will be the new morning post.