Comic Book Superstars #1

Comic Book Superstars, the best of the best, the ones you love the most. Each week I am going to post a comic book superstar to talk about. Talk about your likes and dislikes. Talk about up coming movies. Talk about anything you want to, as long as it has something to do with the superstar posted. Today let's talk about the man that started it all, Superman. He has been around for 74 years now, wow! I can remember hearing about when he first  started (I'm old but not old enough to have first hand memories of his first appearance) he was an hit. He didn't fly back then, but he sure could jump. Man would I like to find a box in the attic that has a mint condition issue of the first appearance of Superman. Of course I don't think I would have it for very long, what can I say money is tight these days, I could only hope the person that boxed it up had two issues of it. Anyway, what do you have to say about Superman?

P.S. This is the new Saturday afternoon post.