Open Critique Day #H15

Here we are again. If you want to hear what we have to say, then show us your art.

13 Responses to Open Critique Day #H15

  1. Nick Hentschel says:

    Rhinoman: Goat from the recent Horror Movie Challenge

    I don’t think he needs anything more than a simple, 2-color background. Any backing scene more elaborate than that, and your hard work and detail could be obscured or overpowered.

  2. Guy Diga says:


    I’m experimeting on the needle-glove, any thoughts?

  3. Sefy C:
    Here is my version of a half-elf warrior in 2 positions:

    His shins can be seen behind the boots. Try using Pants items or some Masking. Otherwise, he’s pretty solid.

  4. Worf says:

    Sefy C:
    Here is my version of a half-elf warrior in 2 positions:

    I have a couple of nitpicks here.

    On both pictures I see a problem with his lower pants and the cape. You might want to mask the lower pants so they don’t appear behind the boots. The cape, on his left side it should meet up at the shoulder. Like this:

    See how his left pant leg stops at the boot and the cape starts where the front stops….

    Also on the second picture where he is holding the sword with both hands, his right arm seems to be…. off somehow… the line from shoulder to elbow doesn’t work… his underarm is starting at the middle of the torso…

    Just remember, these are to make your picture better, overall the composition and the color scheme are good.


  5. NHA247 says:

    This is the Luchador.
    One of my characters for my group of heroes from each country.

  6. Worf says:

    @Sefy C: I had something for you, but we have to wait for the moderation gods to approve it…..

  7. Herr D says:

    @Guy Diga: bringing the ends to a sharper point would be good, and in an action shot, a dot of ‘other’ color, denoting drippage?
    @Nha: It might be a lot of work, but what about putting the map of his country behind him?
    @Rhinoman: simple 2-c backgr is good, but I would add something mostly cropped out that it had just mauled.
    @Sefy: I can’t access fb–not ignoring you.

  8. Quezz:
    I have three I worked on — here are the individual links, though they all appear in the same blog entry:

    “In the Army Now”

    In keeping with OCD tradition of critiquing only one picture, I offer advice on the first. Overall great pose and color scheme. Might want to move her right hand so it is more in line with the hip or maybe resting on her holster.

    Maybe tweak the left glove. Unless her hand is supposed to be prosthetic / cyborg, add a wrist band or something. The silver edge makes it look tacked on to her arm. Most importantly, layer the jeep behind her shotgun.

  9. Quezz says:

    Thanks for the advice — I had the jeep behind the shotgun at one point, but the picture kept shifting when I saved it, and I had to redo the background. I missed that detail in the process!