Poll Position: Robins Reborn

robin_logo_by_superman3d-d4nql28This weeks Poll Position will explore the costumes of four former sidekicks of the Dark Knight. Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, & Stephanie Brown.  What I want to know from you this week is which of these four had the better costume in there post Robin lives! ( Images After the Jump )


Dick Grayson / Nightwing: The original Robin, who re-branded himself Nightwing and moved to Bludhaven to get himself out from under the shadow of the Bat.



Red Hood


Jason Todd / Red Hood: The Second Robin, Killed by the Joker and being resurrected after Superboy Prime altered reality.



Tim Drake Red Robin

Tim Drake / Red Robin:  The third Robin who left the roll behind when he decided to leave the "Batfamily" to go find proof that Bruce Wayne was still alive after his apparent death at the hands of Darkseid  Thus becoming the Red Robin



Stephanie Brown Batgirl


Stephanie Brown / Batgirl: Stephanie is the daughter of the Villain known as the Cluemaster. She takes on the role of a superhero to battle her own fathers crimes as the Spoiler. She become Robin to fill in for Tim Drake when he is unable to fulfill the position due to family issues, and is later granted the Mantle of Batgirl.



Well folks those are your choices, for my money I think I am going to go with Stephanie Brown's Batgirl costume. It is very similar to the one that Barbara Gordon wore when she was Batgirl but has a personality of its own that in my opinion separates it from Gordon's suit and I think looks the best out of the four former Robins new attires. Now I want to hear from you ? Vote for your Favorite of the four and leave a comment explaining your choice below!


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11 Responses to Poll Position: Robins Reborn

  1. Kicktar says:

    As much as I like Nightwing, his costume isn’t all that great. Felt I had to say that since he’s currently leading.

  2. Arioch says:

    Ok, I voted batgirl in part for… the pouches… 😀

    A Bat-character is one of the few out there here pouches make sense, and hers are OK, whereas the others are lacking in that department. Where do they house their gadgets?

    Also, it’s black for discretion, and bat-like, and, well, fine overall 🙂

  3. Nick Hentschel says:

    I like Stephanie’s character, and I always thought that a Girl Wonder was a breath of fresh air. But if we’re going by costumes, I have to vote for Red Robin: this is what Robin’s suit should always have looked like, and a logical evolution of the character as a grown-up.

  4. Myro says:

    As much as I’ve loved some of Nightwing’s costumes, others have been kind of horrendous. So, instead, I’m going with Tim Drake, whose costume seems to look a bit more combat practical, and who, to my knowledge, has never worn a disco collar

  5. Frevoli says:

    I was tempted to go with Stephs, because it’s like a combination of the former bat girls: purples and yellows from Barbra’s and mat black from Cassandra’s

    Though in the end, I went for Time Drake. For one thing,the new 52 version is so much better than the old Red Robin –


    I’m sorry, but that’s just a earless batman cowl. The new version manages to distance him from Batman, with the unique wing harness, while remaining in the same shared asthetical characteristic

    I was going to question the absence of Carrie Kelly, but then I realised it was their post robin costumes and her Cat girl one was… well

  6. Kaldath says:

    Here is an interesting image on this topic I Just found and thought I’d share.


  7. TOOL says:

    Okay this poll is totally reversed of what I would of said, well almost. I think it should be from coolest to dumbest going as Red Hood, Red Robin, Batgirl, then Nightwing.

  8. Shadowmancer says:

    Out of those id go with batgirl. As for robin costumes I like Damian’s hooded one the best

  9. Frankie says:

    I choose THAT version of the Red Robin costume as my fave. Stephanie’s batgirl costume comes in second.

  10. Jake says:

    I’d probably go with Tim’s first Red Robin costume. The one he wears now isn’t nearly as good.

  11. Psyckosama says:

    I’ll go with Spoiler.

    It’s about the boobies.

    It’s all about the boobies. 🙂