Character Contest #H06 “Name Game”

For the contest this week I am turning to my phone app to get Super Heroes / Villains names. I am listing five names for you to choose from.

"Kid Dart", "Rogue Master", "Professor Witch", "Mega Hairball",                and "Kid Weapons". Your choice, they can be hero or villain which ever you like. Include their name and if they are good or bad. No limit this week. Remember the character must be made with HM and can only be cropped in any other program. Also save your characters text just in case any questions arise.(Sorry to say this, but there is reason behind it.) Most of all have fun creating.

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22 Responses to Character Contest #H06 “Name Game”

  1. Keric says:

    Megan Harriman is a teen heroic sidekick, with a mercurial attitude
    She is able to conjure balls of hair

  2. Keric says:

    Ham, I just noticed this on the top:
    Also save your characters text just in case any questions arise.
    Ok, we need to save text from now on, for how long? End of Contest? A week or two after?

  3. Kellkin says:

    Rogue Master

    He wanders the city at night looking for crime. His methods are direct, unconventional, and at times extremely violent. Expert in interrogation, and all martial arts, he is a lethal force. He is as hard as steel, and a little crazy. He loves scaring ppl with his mask.

  4. Keith_Kanin says:

    After going bald at the tender age of 20, a young scientist tries something extreme. Dr. Harrold De’ Void exposed his prescription hair growth formula to the core of a nuclear reactor. The next day, this is what he found in the mirror. No matter what he does, he can’t get rid of it. The hair is so strong that no blade can cut it. It is impervious to fire, and it is so thick that it even offers protection against gun fire.

    Harry the Mega Hairball

  5. Keith_Kanin says:

    As for savint text files of your pics, ever since I accidentally erased all of my files in HM… AGAIN, I started saving all of them (when I remembered to) in a program called Microsoft Office OneNote. It lets you set up ‘notebooks’ with sections that you can title with your artwork’s name for easy reference. You can also add a small picture to remind you what it looked like in case you forgot. It is a very easy program to work with. Whatever you cut and paste onto your notebook page appears in a box that you can relocate just by dragging it to another spot on your page. My version of MS office is 2007 Enterprise. I am pretty sure that it is available on other (later) versions as well.

  6. Dionne Jinn says:

    Shouldn’t this be Character Contest #6? I thought Musketeers was number 5.

  7. Hammerknight says:

    I’ll renumber it, I was tired when I did it. As for saving the text it would only need to be until after the contest. One thing if you post for characters and text to the forum it works as a backup file for you just in case something happens to your computer and it makes it easy for me to pull up the images because I don’t have account with any of the photo share site and sometime I can not get the image without joining the site.

  8. Kellkin says:

    Just wondering…how do I save my character text?

  9. Kellkin says:

    sorry that’s not what I wanted to do…

  10. Hammerknight says:

    Kellkin I removed that post for you. Save your text to a file and then you upload the file to the post. Make sure you get all of it because it will not work if you leave anything out.

  11. Skybandit says:

    Exiled into our dimension by one of the great evil mages of their world, the Kwintet has been drafted by the US government for their X-Treme Team. These five magical beings have to adapt to technology far in advance of what they’re used to, but they are a party of seasoned adventurers that can take almost anything in stride. Since their names are hard for humans to pronounce, they have been given code-names to match their personalities. The Psionic Lama is now called Rogue Master, the Rakshasa Scout is now called Mega Hairball, and the Diabolic Wizard is now called Professor Witch. While fully grown, the Elf and the Faerie both have the appearance of teen-aged girls, and so the Amazonian Elf was named Kid Weapons and the Faerie Priestess was named Kid Dart.

    Here we see Rogue Master, martial artist of elemental Water, demonstrating how his Psionic Shield by preventing Professor Witch’s Fire attack from harming the Brown Elf Kid Weapons, while the Faerie Kid Dart waits her turn to test her Enchanted Darts of the Air against it. Mega Hairball the Earth Rakshasa, wearing his favorite wool sweater, looks on from behind. Obviously, Kid Weapons the Amazon has already adapted to this new world by acquiring firearms.

  12. Kellkin says:

    Professor Witch

    Born a mutant, Jessica Mathews has the ability to manipulate, and create matter. Her powers made her the most sought after Molecular Physicist in the world. Loosing her entire family in a house fire, due to her testifying against the Pharisaical company she worked for, she has lost her mind, and has become a powerful super villain.

  13. Keric says:

    When Dom and Tom went into crime fighting they decided that one would be the sanctioned Master, and the other would be the Rogue Master! ~it changes from day to day as to which is which

  14. Keric says:

    His Mama didn’t raise no fool villian!
    D’artagnan Washington the 3rd has been training to be The Dart for years, but for now he is happy to be Kid Dart!

  15. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Kid Weapons, the human arsenal is a hero for hire and having fun with his power to produce organic weapons out of his body.

  16. Kellkin says:

    I give you the “Tactical Twins”…

    Kid Weapons and Kid Dart

  17. Skybandit says:

    Kid Weapons always thought he was a loner, until he saved the life of an Apache with poor English who was the intended sacrifice for a Satanic cult’s Black Mass. Emulating his savior, he named himself Kid Dart, mistaking the word “dart” for “arrow.” They were later joined by the ex-slave Professor Magic while hunting the Loup-Garou in Louisiana, and met Rogue Master the Chinaman with his pet black cougar Mega Hairball while solving a Chinese curse on the railroad. They are each one point on the Western Star, dedicated to rooting out the evil horrors of the supernatural in the late 19th century.

  18. Keric says:

    Kid weapon DOES NOT exist, DO NOT ask about her or Lia Roca the girl who was the soul survivor of a housefire at the age of 3!
    If she did exist, I would tell you she is a weapon’s master, she could make soft gum into a weapon, and that she works as an agent of the … (speaker dies!)

  19. Herr D says:

    Kid Weapon was, we believe, probably human at some point. Smart money’s on Ned Turner, avid protester of weapon development. Outspoken on the subject of unilateral disarmament. But this is no hero. He plushifies or makes toys out of weapons owned / held by good or bad alike. The mayhem that results is surprisingly destructive.

  20. Skybandit says:

    Professor Witch and Rogue Master began the turbulent 60’s as rivals but had become allies by the 70’s and then progressed to lovers in the 80’s. Eventually they married and had children that needed to be tutored, so they convinced their old friend Mega Hairball of the Chimpangani to leave his peoples Lost City in Africa and teach them. Now middle-aged, they have passed the mantle of superherodom to their son and daughter. Kid Dart was given the enchanted Girdle of Speed from his mother, while Kid Weapons took after her father and learned to use armaments.