Character Contest #H05 “Musketeers” Winner

It has been a been busy around here for the last two days, I feel like I'm running on fumes. There were a lot of great entries this week, to hard to pick the top five, even harder to pick the winner. Many of you took the word Musketeers and ran with it, going in different direction all at once. Which is a good thing because these contest are to make you be creative and even think outside of the box. Everyone one of you did a great job and some did it multiple times. There were all shapes and sizes of musketeers, some from the past and some from the future. New musketeers and old musketeers, male and female musketeers. Even some other heroes from the past filling in as musketeers. If you think about it the Three(4) Musketeers really was the first super hero team out there, so I can see replacement members from time to time filling in where needed. So from horse, to motorcycles, to spaceship, I give you the "Musketeers" in no particular order.

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I must apologize for the lettering on the last two pages, I was past the worn out stage by the time I got to them. I might go back and redo them in the future.

And the Winner is Kellkin, great job.