Quick and Easy Challenge #3 “Hair Style” Winner

Well, when HK said this challenge was to design a hairdo for females, I thought, "Oh yeah, this sounds like my kind of challenge." Then he told me that I couldn't enter because I was going to be the Judge. Darn!

Wow ya'll have really outdone yourselves on this one. There were alot of standouts. I would like to know just how many hair pieces you had to use Harlequin on your entries. I really liked your second entry, very well put together. And Kieth_Kanin, no one said it had to be a pretty HUMAN female, did they? Nice job on the feline hair, that's pretty darn cool. Worf, I like that you chose to do both of your's using the same character. I like the hair up/down concept. That was how I was wanting HK to make this challenge, but he has other things in mind.

Everyone did an outstanding job and I don't have enough room or time to go over just what I like about each and every one.

So without further ado, My pick for this challenge is djuby's female hairstyle. I like the otherworldliness of it. It reminds me of a character that I made up in one of HK's stories that had long hair that she would wear in a braid with metal objects in it to use as a weapon. I could so totally see this one in the story.

Thank you to everyone that entered, and congratulations to djuby on a job very well done.


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9 Responses to Quick and Easy Challenge #3 “Hair Style” Winner

  1. Keith_Kanin says:

    I have to say that djuby’s was one of my favorites as well. Congrats djuby.

  2. Keith_Kanin says:

    I also wanted to say thanks to Hammerknight for putting together the photo album layout. Looks great. And also thanks to Isia for taking time out of your anniversary to sit in as judge today.

  3. Isia says:

    This one was really difficult to judge because of the awesome talent that was put forth on them. A+ to ALL!

  4. Herr D says:

    Congrats to djuby. Green hair, too. Yumm.

  5. headlessgeneral says:

    Congrats, djuby!

    @Hammerknight I also love the photo album layout. But I hate to be the one to tell you this (because I don’t know how much work it will be to fix) but you have djuBy’s name as djuDy on both the cover and inside page. I know you’ve had a lot else going on today so no pressure to get it fixed, just thought I’d point it out. Again, I love the way you are presenting the winners for these contest. And congrats on the new puppies!

  6. Dionne Jinn says:

    Congrats! When I saw that green hair, I was sure it would win. It was just amazing.

  7. djuby says:

    Thanks for the nod. Hope you guys and the new mother and pups are doing well.

  8. Harlequin says:

    Gratulate for everyone. Nice contest.

    Answer for the question.
    A lot of maybe 10 – 15 hair piece needed for a complex hair.

  9. Hammerknight says:

    @headless, I’m going to change it. Thanks for letting me know.