A Christmas Story

I am a little later on getting the judging done on last weeks contest. I should have it posted sometime this evening. I like like to share a short Christmas story that I wrote for my wife awhile back. It is called "A Doll for Christmas."

Christmas was always a wonderful time, but this year would be a little sad for Angela.
All of her children have grown and it would be just her and her husband going to her mother's house for Christmas this year.  Seeing all the children running around and having fun saddened Angela even more.  Her husband tried the best he could to make her happy but he knew why she was sad.  She had been raising children for so many years and now there were none at home to take care of.  Some would find this to be a good thing, but Angela was a very caring woman and missed her children so.

Everyone called Angela's mom Mawme.  Mawme was ever bit as caring as her daughter
was, so Angela's husband decided to talk to her about Angela being sad.  Mawme told him to worry not, for she had the perfect present for Angela this year.  After Christmas diner was eaten, and all of the gifts exchanged, everyone began to go their way home.  Angela and her husband were the last to leave.  Mawme called Angela aside and took her off to another room.  Inside of the room was a big present in the middle of the floor.  Mawme told Angela that it was a special present.  Angela open the present up and it was a life size doll of a little girl.  Angela told her mother that it was very beautiful and thanked her with a hug and a kiss.  Mawme whispered into Angela's ear, "You will know what to do with her when the time is right.”  So off went Angela and her husband, back home to their everyday life.

Angela put the doll in her bedroom so that she could see her every morning as she
awaken from a night of sleep.  One morning she was still very sad, and her husband was off at work, so she sat down in front of the doll.  With a tear in her eye she reached out and took the doll into her arms.  Closing her eyes she made a wish, "If only you were real." she cried. "I would love you forever just as I do my own children."  She wrapped her arms around the doll and squeezed it tight, and as she did she could feel the doll squeezing her.  She open her eyes and there before her was a real life little girl. Joy filled Angela's heart once again, she took the child into her arms and held her tight.  "I will name you Samantha and you will be my daughter." she told the little girl, "And you will be my mommy." Samantha told Angela.

The days went by and love and happiness once again filling Angela's home.
Christmas at Mawme's would be happy once more.  Angela walked up to Mawme, holding
Samantha's hand, and told her mother of the wonderful gift that she had given her.  Later that day Angela was talking to Mawme, as they watched Samantha play, "Will she ever grow up." she asked, "Yes." Mawme replied.  "But how will I tell her that she once was a doll?" Angela asked Mawme.  A big smile game across Mawme's face, as she looked at Angela, "I never told you."

The End

I hope that everyone liked it. If anyone else has a short holiday story feel free to share it with us.