Friday Night Fights 3 Round 3: Mentalist

With great pleasure, I present Round Three of Friday Night Fights 3, featuring the following fantastic fights:

As a quick review, there are two head-to-head contests this week. You can vote once in each matchup for your favorite. The winner of each fight will duke it out head-to-head next week for the Championship.

Good luck to our Final Four! Note that you can click on the image in the poll to see it full-size, and that once again results will be hidden until the polls close next Friday at 1 a.m. Mountain Time.

headlessgeneral vs. Martian Blue

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  • headlessgeneral's Jean of "The Stars": "Do you think I can do it?"

    "You are a 90 pound girl who regularly competes against the best in the universe. You brought together the biggest, meanest guys alive to fight with you. And you are only a 19 year old from Earth. I think you can do anything."

  • Martian Blue's Nightmare of "Midnight Mavericks": “A Dream of Midnight” (the origin of Nightmare)
    - “The Midnight Mavericks” newest face and definitely in contention for most powerful, “Nightmare”, has the ability of mental projection. (Nightmare is powerful as is, growing stronger every day, but if he can work past his mental block he could be one of the most powerful superheroes ever with his powers range. He can project anything he can imagine, but has a special affinity for animals and thus chooses them most of the time from a brute force such as a T-Rex, to an flying escape such as a giant bird, and beyond.) An enigma in his own right, seemingly normal, his powers didn’t materialize until he intervened in the rape of a young women, getting beaten within inches of his life, and left for dead only after the woman was overheard calling the police. Once in the hospital the woman visits regularly every day for a time, but her visits grow further apart as he shows no sign of waking from his coma, until she stops coming entirely. Meanwhile his tending nurse finds a tender spot in her heart for him, first solely out of pity for the simple fact no one came to visit, “…how can no one care about him at all?…”, but soon she finds she has unexplainably come to love him. Her and her brother takes up paying his hospital bill to keep him from being discarded like an old piece of meat. “…I had a dream about you…”, the nurse turns to face the young man, her face a mixture of surprise and happiness, “…Well, welcome back. You’ll have to tell me all about it…” (Hmmm, Could his powers have been in work while his body wasn’t? Could he have mentally projected himself into the nurse’s dreams? Could her seemingly unexplained love have actually blossomed within a series of dreams?) While in physical therapy, unintentionally straining his brain to support his body, revealing his powers he has a blinding flash of something attacking him and collapses. Leaving out the part about his powers, the therapist has a doctor run some tests on him, “…His memory is completely intact, except for the incident. His mind is trying to bypass the traumatic experience, but when he reaches a certain level of brain activity the connection is in fact partially made giving the memory light, but because it is only partial, it can’t be establish as a full memory, making it seem as if something is attacking him. I’d suggest a physiologist, but have to admit, I’ve never seen anything like it?…” When introduced into the team, “Gadget” took an instant liking to him, creating animosity between her and the more reserved “Gale”.

    - Nightmare/Mentalist – Team Role: Versatile / Powers: Mental Projection

DiCicatriz vs. AMS

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  • DiCicatriz - Asylum of "Quintessence": A mysterious woman rescued from a mental institution by Flux. She claims to be the youngest of five sisters, all of them tortured and killed by a father who feared their psychic potential. As they were killed they sequestered themselves within her mind, obliterating their father when he finally turned his attention to her. As their physical bodies were gone, the siblings now reside within their surviving sister. Asylum claims to have no psychic abilities of her own, the manifestation of which she credits to her sisters. They emerge from her as astral projections, protecting their sister with telekinetic constructs and devastating telepathic assaults.
  • AMS - Capt. Ryan Williams of "Red Dawn":
    - Powerful telepath, able to read and project thoughts into others.
    - Emits “mind bomb” which renders all in a 100 yard radius stunned, including Capt. Williams. Weapon of last resort.

Good luck, fellahs!