Friday Night Fights 3 Round 2 Results!

The second round of Friday Night Fights 3 has ended and I now proudly present the results! Congratulations to all of our winners, condolences to those who are not advancing, and many thanks to everyone who took the time to enter in the first place. Winners are in bold.

  • Headlessgeneral - Jana: 107, Asder - Hitman: 46
  • Martian Blue - Gale: 116, PapaKrok - Tracer: 30
  • DiCicatriz - Specs: 113, Tarkabarka - Solaria: 36
  • AJW - Corona:17, AMS - Battalion: 134

So advancing to the next round are headlessgeneral, Martian Blue, AMS, and DiCicatriz. Congratulations! And since they are all quarter-finalists, each of them has already won their choice of a custom HM3 item, a portrait of themselves, or their choice of a general subject for me to do a "Sketch of the Day" drawing of.

Here's how the brackets look:

Our Consolation Round 2 champion, who wins their choice of a new HM3 item, a custom portrait of their face, or a black and white illustration on a theme of their choice, is ... Vampyrist - Supernova of "The Exemplars"! Congratulations to him, and thanks again to all of the contenders in this round. Here's the complete list of results:

Round 3 will be going up in a couple of hours as I set up the polls, upload the characters, and format the post. Thank you for patience, and good luck to everyone going forward!