Friday Night Fights 3, Round 3 Consolation

As you can see, there are some fantastic Mentalists whose teams unfortunately did not make it into the Final Four. But never fear, you can still see and vote for your favorites! No stories in the consolation rounds due to time and space constraints, but the images speak for themselves.

Good luck everyone! You can vote for your top five, but only once. Click on an image to see it at its largest size.

22 Responses to Friday Night Fights 3, Round 3 Consolation

  1. headlessgeneral says:

    @Jeff – I think you might have the wrong entry up for Imp. You have his martial artist up not his mentalist.

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    Dang, thank you headlessgeneral — hopefully it should be fixed now. Imp, my sincere apologies.

  3. Jessica says:

    Well, I am in awe! Some of the ones coming outta this are so impressive!

    @Tarkabarka, you are awesome! I can’t believe you come up with this stuff! I’m still struggling with shading.

    @Superfan1, that is an awesome dress.

    @Kaylin, I still maintain that you have awesome imagination.

    @Kaldath, I can’t believe you made it look like that rock was split like an earthquake. Totally awesome!

    Way to go, everyone! Keep up the good work!

  4. Myro says:

    Here was my story entry for Data Miner.

    A telepath capable of reading the minds of hundreds, even thousands of beings at a time, cross-reference his information, and come to surprisingly accurate conclusions. In a pinch, he can even telepathically control the minds of one formidable opponent or a small group of the weaker willed. Complete story link

    I’d have to say that Data Miner was probably my weakest entry, although I did throw in a few Easter eggs into the faces of those he was reading the minds of:
    – A dog and alien, meaning he wasn’t confined to reading the thoughts of humans.
    – Our esteemed Jeff Hebert
    – Gearbox, the team Gadgeteer

  5. Tarkabarka says:

    Thank you Jessica

    Here is my entry story.

    Zafyr the Mind Maelstorm
    Yelena Konchareva an interesting conundrum. She is that a superhero who never wanted to be that. She is very smart child was and she have planned for her later live when she was a teenager. Learning, Work, Family. But life is a great cheater, cheat if it can do. In the university she suddenly fainted and concious out by headache. Although she recovered quickly enough but to the other students look weird for her . Later she know it when she passed out there is strange blue light flashed on and the objects in the room are began to fly. Yelena don’t know what happen, but after more and more of these incidents the university’s management asked her to leave their institution. Then Yelena disappointment in the world. She Can’t find her own place. She don’t find any Jobs because because she couldn1t control her ability. One of these occasions he noticed Fast Jack and he took her for the Eagle Nest the concious girl. Jack helps her to controll her special ability. Se was the first person who joined the Eagles, but not that to she wanted to help other, she only join because she couldn’t do anything by herself. For this day she usually hate what she became. She hasn’t got private life, every time she stay in the Eagle Nest.
    Strength: Mental Strength, Levitation, Floating Things

    Weakness: Lack of Confidence, Confinement

    Sorry for my english.

  6. Gero says:

    Here’s the bio for my mentalist…

    Mentalist: Sage
    Bio: Sage is a sentient A.I., and the leader of the team. It is able to link itself up with any form of advanced technology on the planet, and uses this ability to track down individuals who have (or will) commited crimes heinous enough for it to send the team after them. It also acts as the communications and stratigec expert of the team, keeping them intouch with eachother during missions, and sending them details about their enemies in real time during battle.

    Fun fact: This guy has the most layers of any picture I’ve made on here, with just over 70 in all…

  7. ajw says:

    Foresight’s profile

    Leader: The Mentalist, Foresight.
    ABILITIES: Foresight can see into the immediate future and feel people’s emotions, in both cases avoiding disaster. He is skilled in dual armed combat with both blades and guns, though preferring his silenced Desert eagles, made by Neon(the gadgeteer).

    STORY & PERSONALITY:Foresight was a mutant born Landon Stevens in Connecticut, discovering his powers when dropping a dish, which incidentally still shattered. He was a privileged child, going to the finest schools in New England, learning from the masters in all his disciplines, and “mysteriously to them” faster than any other student. Foresight started the team Metanoir after a power surge granted him a vision far in the future, in which he fought alongside the heroes in his team today. As a person, Foresight is both cautious and cocky, he knows something is coming, but he’s always self assured he can handle it, he lords his intelligence over others sometimes, being more privileged than most, though tough to live with, he is a great leader and is great in the field.

  8. Worf says:

    @Gero: I really don’t mean to criticize here, but I’m not seeing the 70 layers… I attempted to recreate it and did it in only 23.

    Again, I apologize as I don’t mean to criticize, but I’d really like to know where all those layers went to.

  9. VonMalcolm says:

    My Top 7:

    Psyche (Gale Force of The Gal Force?)
    Tune Out

    -I always like everyone’s work and it’s always hard narrowing them down to a favorites list.

  10. Kaldath says:

    @VonMalcolm – It’s Gal Force …. The team is thus named because all 5 members are women or “Gals”

  11. VonMalcolm says:

    @Kaldeth: I was just joking: I was referring to Psych, herself, as ‘Gale Force’ as she is up in the air with her hair everywhere: I think Psych is my fave this week -and that includes the semi-finalists.

  12. VonMalcolm says:

    Kaldath, not Kaldeth, sorry.

  13. dankdinkdonk says:

    I like the X-5

  14. Hyperanthropos says:

    Wow, everyone has brought in some great characters.

    Here is the story of mine:

    Dr. Welsh
    Doctor Jeanette Katherine Welsh; serves as the team’s medic. She is a modern and indepentend woman, who studied medicine and biology. As a medical student, she discovered that she had the ability to read other people’s thoughts. She soon began to work for the goverment, using her ability to uncover communist spies. Being a telepath, she is very empathic towards other people, which makes her a good doctor, but also a good interrogater. No explanation for her amazing gift has been found so far, for Dr. Welsh had an ordinary childhood. The only oddity were the “dreams”, that she had as a young girl, where she was visited by “little shadow people”, who came into her bedroom at night through a “door of light.”

  15. Gero says:

    @Worf 8: Glad you caught that for me! I had that written with the name of the wrong character in my file for some reason, and didn’t even check it. Sage only used 32 layers. That comment should have gone with Fuschia, who used 78 layers, mostly to get the “circuitboard” pattern right. When you put the pattern on the body items themselves, it makes the size of it not match up between the different body parts. So I had to create several copies of each limb and of the torso, and mask a bunch of circuitboard patterned insignias onto them, in order to make it appear that the circuits were the same across the entire suit. 3 of each arm, with 3 insignia masked to them. 2 of each thigh with 2 insignia, 2 of each calf with 2 insignia, 5 of the torso with 5 insignia, 5 legwear pieces, 1 belt piece, 2 wrist pieces, 1 top piece, 4 weapon right pieces, 1 hand right, 1 head, 2 mask pieces to cover the mouth/nose area of the head, 2 more insignia (the Brainiac looking one on his chest, and one to cover the ear of the head, and 1 glasses piece, for a total of 78 layers…

  16. Worf says:

    @Gero: Sorry for being a nitpicker and I’m glad you took it the right way. I have a tendency to over edit myself in fear of being taken the wrong way. Also, my learning process with HM usually involves taking other people’s work apart (yours included) so I tend to notice the “x many layers” comment more than most, I think.

    Still, cool idea, simple but effective. 😉

  17. Frevoli says:

    My 4th entry always seems to be the last one I get round to going, maybe that shows

    Anyway – here’s his original origin, with the next part of my story

    As a child Blane Whitney trained himself to be a “Super-Brain”; gaining telepathy, super strength, hypnosis, clairvoyance and a photographic memory. He also had a “Dynamagno-Saw Ray Projector” and a bullet-proof costume.

    Although the Wizard’s crusade was stopped, Whitney continued his work with the Daily Citizen (an activist newspaper, which he had acquired), transforming the paper into the foundation of a media empire. The Whitney Information Network covered the riot story; campaigning for the heroes acquittal and the repeal of the act. Upon their release, Whitney meets with them and tells of the disappearances – first of the villains now of the other heroes. However it was not the wizard’s idea to bring them all together…

  18. Frevoli says:

    I have no idea what the original Dynamagno-Saw Ray Projector did or looked like, but I just guessed from the name

  19. Gero says:

    @Worf: No problem. I’m glad you caught it, and I don’t really think it’s nitpicking. I can imagine how hard it’d be to try to stick 70-some-odd layers in that picture without saying, “wait a minute…something’s not right here…”

  20. max says:


  21. MartianBlue says:

    Some very nice works all. SOme very neat effects that caught my eyes in a few of the pictures I didn’t get to vote for.

    My Votes
    Kami -“Tsunami Force”(cliff)
    The Seer -“The League of The Scarab”(maniacmick)
    Data Miner -“New World Order”(myro)
    Tune Out -“Lason Daga Contingency”(papakrok)
    Zafyr -“Fast Jack and The Red Eagles”(tarkabarka)

    My Favorite(s)
    Data Miner -“New World Order”(myro) with Tune Out -“Lason Daga Contingency”(papakrok) as a close second