HeroMachine 3 Replacement Items 2 VOTE!

In lieu of our usual Poll Position metaphysical question today, it's time to vote on what items you'd like to see in HeroMachine 3 to take the place of various unclaimed contest prizes! You can vote once, for up to 10 items. As of noon next Tuesday, the top 10 vote getters overall will be slotted in as replacement prizes. These are all from the suggestion thread a few days ago.

You should be able to click the image next to each choice for a sample of what the submitter was talking about. On a few, I lumped together several suggestions into one choice if they were similar enough. Others I left off because they were either already done by dblade (Converse shoes) or have already been claimed as a prize by someone else (3/4 view head).

There are a lot of these, so I'm putting the poll after the jump so the front page doesn't get too long. If you want to make your case for a particular item in the comments, go for it!

[polldaddy poll="5447048"]