Open bids on unclaimed contest prizes

A number of people who have won prizes never got back to me on what they wanted as their prize. But their loss might be your gain! In the comments to this post, please suggest replacement prize items that would go into HeroMachine 3. Submissions with links to images showing what you mean are particularly helpful. I'll compile the best submissions into a poll starting next week and everyone will be able to vote on what they'd most like to see.

The currrently unclaimed prizes are:

Caption Contests:

  • 83 Bob Loblaw
  • 84 Larkin
  • 93 Boomcow2
  • 94 Patrick
  • 97 Patrick
  • 99 Gargoyle323

Character Contests:

  • 32 Vigilante
  • 42 Morzan

If you're one of those, let me know ASAP so you can claim your prize.

Whoever I don't hear from by next Friday will have their prize thrown into the general pool.

110 Responses to Open bids on unclaimed contest prizes

  1. Something I think would be great would be a saddle the would fit some of the companions, with some accessories that would help cover up the facing leg. The saddle could even have a hip body part to fit it. No pictures yet just wanted to put my 2 cents in.

  2. Avatar Blazing Tornado

    A scorpion tail would be pretty cool to see. All there is right now is the robotic scorpion tail from the Spider-Man villain.

  3. MMI (2): I was just thinking earlier how much I could use a “thumbs up” hand.

    Maybe some kind of game controller like a joystick or gamepad.

  4. alphaalpharomeo alphaalpharomeo

    I was hoping mayb the mask decore or the symbol from the Spiderman 2099 costume or a similar look to that.

  5. Avatar Captain Kicktar

    Perfect, just as I find out about throwing glaives,

  6. Here os something I’ve been thinking about. Feeding off of SDR’s ideas for making the torso more flexable, he uses masking with insignia shapes. This works very well, but takes a little to much time. My solution is to separate the torso items into 2 pcs. Upper torso which would be the top of the neck to the bottom of the rib cage. The bottom torso which would include the top of the abs to bottom of the crouch.

    Think of it like the old GIJoe figures or any wooden posing figure for drawing reference. You can swivel the body into some dynamic poses. The other advantage would be the ability to mask different sections of tops to make a wider selection of clothing and some interesting combinations.

    Here a pic to illustrate-

  7. alphaalpharomeo alphaalpharomeo

    I was also thinking tattoo sleeves….or maybe some Elven letters….maybe even something so you can start building your own vehicals

  8. Anything female! I know a lot of people say that you can take the male items and shrink them but there are a lot of things that you can’t do that with (i.e. pants with a male crotch, body parts, etc.) Also, it would be very cool to have more neckware and tattoos. We seem to be doing a lot of zodiac-themed character competitions but we have no symbols for them and have to make them from scratch. Very hard to do. Also, more variety with the companions would be good. Something water-based would be awesome (kinda Nessie-like but smaller).

  9. Oh, also, maybe some pants that weren’t either too low or too high (something in between). Okay, I’m done. I know I talk too much.

  10. I agree! We need more female converted things! I am absolutely awful at making male characters, but it is really hard to get some different looking females when the clothes are all similar.

    Also, could we have a pair of rotated legs to fit the rotated torso, please? Female and Male legs? And maybe they could be seperate, with an inside leg and an outside one?

  11. Jeff is already planning on doing female conversion for about everything, so no use asking for it here.

    As for me, I have a few suggestions.

    (I think if you did this with some legs included under a blanket, it would look really good and be unisex. Of course, I suppose you could just have the wheelchair itself.)


    Mug Shot Background
    (Gives a good sense of scale and I think would help people make characters of varying heights.)

  12. Did you happen to receive my e-mail for Character Contest 67? I never got a response so I wasn’t sure if you even got it.

  13. I second TopHat’s request for a Darkseid styled head-piece.

  14. @House of H (16): I already have a pair of converse hightops created that I will be submitting to Jeff in the near future. Check them out here…

    Check out dblade’s Whiz Bang Item Dispenser in the Hero Archives forum for more details. I run a weekly vote for item creation so I try to provide 1 new art asset every week. Unfortunately I have only just a smidge of Jeff’s Illustration Ability so I can only do so much.

  15. @Jeff: Do you still have that picture of the Silver Spider I sent you, the one with the cool wrist-mounted weapons, or do I need to post it here?

  16. Danny Beaty: I do have it, but I think putting a link to it here would be helpful for the other folks who are viewing and commenting so they can get behind it.

  17. Sorry to toot the Whiz Bang Item Dispenser’s horn once again but this item I created might work for a Darkseid Helmet once it is submitted. Just put the face on top of the helmet shape.

  18. How about more tail options? Or importing some of the zombie parts to the other options? Or female versions of the male Alternate sets!

  19. I personally would like more armor pieces, especially for the gloves/hands and boots. Armor pieces along the vein of Iron Man would be absolutely sweet.

    I’ve posted some links for good looms at the various Iron Man armors of the years to give you some ideas.

  20. Okay folks, here are some really cool-looking wrist-mounted weapons:

    It would really be cool if there was two sets of these wrist-mounted weapons: one set as is pictured (for arachnid related characters), and one set with six legs (for insect related characters. It would also be cool if there were scorpion pincers and a scorpion tail that could be added to the eight legged wrist-mounted wepons for scorpion inspired characters.

  21. Oh, whatever happened to that straight jacket? Will that be added soon?×300.jpg

    It also appears that the the blog’s “Preview” option is gone.

  22. How about a predator mask, I know there are lots of different version and you could go with something a little different if you like but I found this one and I thought it was cool

  23. What happened to the stormtrooper gear we had in 2.5? I seem to be able to find everything except the torso and the helmet…

  24. I wouldn’t mind adding those into the pot for a vote; unless there’s an issue with having them in there.

  25. BenK22: I was uncomfortable with the possible copyright infringement of those very well known items. I fear the Force … of LucasFilm’s lawyers.

  26. Avatar SeanDavidRoss

    I’d like to see a shoe and/or foot bottom, so we can get some kicking-at-the-viewer action into the poses.,1303034418,1/stock-photo-bottom-of-shoe-sole-as-a-fingerprint-isolated-on-white-75408559.jpg

  27. Doomsday bones!!!

    Elbow bones, knee bones, knuckle bones, shoulder bones, eye bones, jaw bones, lots of possibilities πŸ™‚

  28. HM3 is in dire need of wrist-mounted weapons!

  29. Was thinking maybe some earnings. Even just some simple hoops.

    Also this one is kind of nice.

  30. I second Tool’s predator mask, could we also get their dreadlock/tentacle thingies…? That would be tight!

  31. CKnap, I love the Fall-Out armors, and MasterBeaty yeah the tentacles or lazer guidance on head would be cool. Like I said there are lots of different mask if you just google “predator mask” but that one stood out to me

  32. @Jake – that is fine for the future but it seems to be taking a really long time. Just hoping to get some female conversions a little bit sooner.

    @Zaheelee – that’s an excellent idea, I love using what I term the “sexy pose” but can’t find legs to go with it. And crouching legs or legs that fling outward would be awesome too. They have them in the male set but I would love them in the female sets too.

  33. I’d third the predator, or maybe a ‘predator like’ mask.

    I’d also like to recommend Rocketeers helmet.

    And though I’ve never seen the show. I think this pistol:

    Would make a pretty good addition to HM

  34. The only parts of the armor im wating that i put up are basically the torsos, mayb legs but i know copying it all is illegal so i dont care about the helmet much i just want more armor

  35. I third the sexy Predator mask, and I also second (or third) the sci-fi armor. Whether it’s Power Armor, Iron Man armor or what have you, just some more tech options would be great.

    (Especially boots. More boots would be sexy.
    ^ The boot-to-glove ratio at a glance… some of those are stretching it, and two are gauntlets. :P)

  36. What about Night Owls mask from Watchmen. That would be pretty cool.

    Also i think there should be different types of clothing in different positions. There has been times i have created a good pose for my characters then i cant add certain clothing items because of the way they are positioned. I hope you kind of understand what i mean by that. Cant really think of how to word it. lol

  37. Whoever it was who suggested more tattoos, I’m up for that. I have no ideas, no inspiration for you, I just think it’d be cool if we had more tattoo patterns (or symbols that could work for tattoos).

  38. Also scars. I want to see more manly scars.

  39. I really liked some of the backgrounds from 2.x, particularly the boxing ring and the city with the temple. It would be good to see more of them being transferred.

  40. Oh yeah, and my sister wants an owl companion.

  41. One more thing – a gun holster without a gun in it. In the following character image it would have been really helpful.

  42. There is so much I want to see on HM3 but I’ve got three requests. First one is a female boot with a short heel (first image on the left).

    Second request is goggles for masks like Ted Kord Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. Examples below.

  43. Well, my time with Deadliest Warrior’s game has given me plenty of ideas, but I’m going with the brutally awesome
    Chicken Sabers:

    That last one with the point on top is the one I prefer, but I also like the back blade lower on the shaft of the whole thing.

    Jeff, are we limited to one choice again?

  44. Oooooohhhhhh! Tattoos are such a good idea! Maybe you could make one with a swirly kind of pattern on it? I have been trying to find a suitable replacement in HM for a character from my book, but I am having a hard time.

    Here is a helpful visual:,1177410413,3/stock-vector-seamless-swirly-wallpaper-pattern-3149752.jpg

  45. Brad, we’re just nominating ideas at this point, so throw out as many as you like. I’ll go through and cull the list down to the most likely/possible choices, assemble them into a big list poll, and people can vote for up to x number (whatever x turns out to be).

  46. @Jessica(5): The Zodiac symbols can be found in Fonts, Row 3, Column 3.

    I agree with requests for more female conversions.

    Aside from that… a space shuttle or satellite? I miss the old bird already.

  47. Front-facing pistol

  48. I think some tank treads would be good, individual ones so that we could create different things with various kinds of tank treads/wheels in configuration.

    Also I’d like to reiterate my personal desire for more mecha items (especially boots, gloves, hands, and headgear) like these:

  49. @The Atomic Punk: Oh, wow, you’re right! Totally missed that. Really need to get the glasses changed. Sigh. Still think more tattoos is a good idea, though. Maybe something along the lines of stylistic, wrap-around-the-body tattoos.

    @Zaheelee: That is an excellent idea for a tattoo! I’ll try looking up some tattoo images to give a better idea.

  50. I like this mask

    I was looking up body armor and found this

    And i was looking into more background items like maybe a battleship or aircraft carrier for water or air scenes.

    I also was looking for a construction site background with like a crane and a partially built structure, frame only, something similar to this just not so large.

  51. Here is a page with some Celtic tattoos that I find pretty cool. My favorite is the Tree of Life ones:

    And this is a pretty big list of tribal tattoos that could be done:

    And here are some mythological creature tattoos:

    And I’ve run off with my words again. Sigh. I just have so many ideas!

  52. It seems there is a general desire for more tech armor. Maybe we could get another batch of tech armor in the near future? I’ll be sad if all of these open slots go to different kinds of tech armor.

  53. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    well if it isn’t to late to throw in my two cents I second the idea for more sci-fi segmented armor pants elements thrown in to the mix :

    and like the idea of the booster gold goggles πŸ™‚

  54. i definitely agree about the battle axes! here is one that i would like to see×432/14442.jpg

    or maybe a chainaxe or chainsword from warhammer 40,000

    for a chainsword, it could either be a typical one like this

    or something a bit different

    i think it would absolutely fantastic to have all of the items available only in the zombie and/or lordi heromachines to be available in HM 3! i definitely nominate any of those.

    speaking of zombies, maybe some more zombie body parts (decaying arms for example) would be cool as well! this pic just has some ideas

    maybe some mutated body parts as well?

    also, im not sure if there are still plans to convert more items from 2.5 but id love to have more items under the “skin” section available. maybe they could be like the body hair item thats currently in HM 3 so they can be placed over male bodies or masked into parts of them.

    maybe some cyborg parts as well that work for the front facing body rather than only with the 3/4 view mech parts. i cant find any images right now but if anyone else can, feel free to post them

    thats all i can think of for now! sorry to list so much

  55. Knighthawk We already have one in neckwear.

  56. I second the Predator Mask and “Dreadlocks” too, and any high tech armors, boots, gloves or any thig else techy for that matter…

  57. Knighthawk im pretty sure we have one in neckwear already.

  58. Seems like a lot of people like my predator mask idea!

  59. Isnt there like muliple variations of it?

  60. Well, this looks like a great opportunity to mention an Ilwoon Sword. A good friend of mine owns a two-handed reproduction, and the craftsmanship is drop-dead gorgeous.×260.jpg×254.jpg

    The last one has lots of nice angles. And I umpteenth that particular predator mask and some separate tendril/dreadlocks to go behind it. I might be able to revamp my priestess with something like that.

  61. These cool wrist-mounted blasters Jeff made for my hero the Black Ant:

    This helmet:

  62. I agree with everyone’s tech armor ideas! Definitely would love some tattoos and scars also. What about Ezio Auditore’s hidden blade and bracer from Assassin’s Creed 2 or Brotherhood?

  63. I too would love to see more tech armor, maybe even something similar to a Quarian helmet

    come to think of it, anything with a Quarian environmental suit would be cool

  64. I agree with anyone who has mentioned tattoos πŸ™‚

  65. There are lots of different mask i just added the one i did as a basic idea

  66. Avatar darylcallander

    i agree with the sci fi/tech armor and the quarian envriomental suit

  67. I have always wanted to make characters with an old fashion plague doctor’s Bird mask.

  68. I’ve come up with another request to add to the list. Any chance we can get a hood like the one Noob Saibot sports in Mortal Kombat 9 (aka Mortal Kombat 2011 release).

    Mr. Q

  69. whoa Anthony Z that helmet is very cool i second that! haha πŸ™‚

  70. Well, in the case that we’re not limited, I suppose I should also mention the Chinese Broadsword. Not one I value quite as much as the Chicken Sickles, but it’s worth mentioning.

    By the way, the rings on that one, for anyone who’s interested are there so that when another weapon runs along the back of it, it makes a jarring effect on the opponent.

    Here’s a couple more pictures.

    Personally prefer the hilt in the style on the last one, catches another opponent’s sword πŸ˜€

  71. I’d really, really, really like to see an item shaped like color 2 on that vertical gradient. To clarify, what I’m looking for is something I can mask objects to that will make those objects appear to be fading away. I don’t know if this is even doable, but I promise, if it is, we will do so many awesome things with it.

  72. haz (84): Great idea! And I’d like a circular one as well. You know, so you could make it look like the scene is fading around the edges… πŸ˜€

  73. I agree with the tech and sci-fi items, too.

    Predator mask would also definitely be cool.

  74. You folks do realize that “Predator” is still under copyright, right?

  75. Hey there. Sorry about not getting back to you, Jeff. I was actually waiting for one of these posts. You see, I just couldn’t decide on anything, so I figured I would let the startlingly brilliant heromachine community come up with ideas, and I could nominate one for myself, if that’s okay with everybody. I don’t want to just barge in and rig an election. ;P

  76. @Twiggyseed: The sweater is an awesome idea. I also think that such a shirt could be accommodated for females, too. Maybe with shorter sleeves, though.

    I definitely like the idea for a Predator mask, too. But @Danny Beaty is right, it’s under copyright and could prove problematic.

  77. haz(87)and Kaylin88100: These would be great to have. Along the level of Photoshop masking. Oh, the wondrous things that could be done!

  78. This isn’t exactly an item, but it’s something I’d like to see in HM3. I’d like to be able to manually tell HM what layer to make an item instead of only being able to move it by clicking the up and down arrows. I’ll save on mouse batteries if I can just type in “62” and have an item go to layer 62. Thanks!

  79. haz i definitely agree that does become a pain in the behind…

  80. Avatar spidercow2010

    btwm this is what 2D23 is talking about up in comment 83:

  81. Avatar spidercow2010

    “btwm,” of course, means “by the way, man.”

  82. Im thinkin we need a masterkye for out m16, its the shotgun attatchment at the bottom were a normal M203 would go and it is used to well, break a lock and get into a room.

  83. And for another Heavy weapons i was looking into the M2

  84. Avatar spectrosoldier

    Missile launchers that are mounted on/kept on a person’s wrist

  85. What about a sweater vest? And/or with optional sleeves…as in, sleeves that are a second item?

    Perhaps just a v-neck sweater would be enough…

  86. So what’s the verdict? Everyone claim their prizes?

  87. Very good suggestions!
    I also prefer more female stuff and the wheelchair!

  88. haz (95): I third that. A manual layer entry option would make it so much easier. πŸ™‚

  89. I’d like to see more specifically female things. Like waist-long and knee-long hair. I’ve tried to do some Miku-esk expies, but the current hair doesn’t scale that well.

    I’d like to see some more faces. Uploading the plastic surgeons call the “mask of beauty” as a proportion and placement guide would be useful.

    A interactive guide to HM3 would be useful. I still don’t understand masking; can never get it right and that’s a shame as it seems important.

  90. I often make coat of arms’ and some items that would come really, really handy:

    – a striped pattern in the so we could combine any two colours, unlike with the pre-made shaded-stripe patterns.
    – a stag / deer. Either as insignia or as companion.
    – Fish other than shark and clownfish – a trout maybe?
    – a bear that actually looks like a sigil bear
    – a running wolf