Open bids on unclaimed contest prizes

A number of people who have won prizes never got back to me on what they wanted as their prize. But their loss might be your gain! In the comments to this post, please suggest replacement prize items that would go into HeroMachine 3. Submissions with links to images showing what you mean are particularly helpful. I'll compile the best submissions into a poll starting next week and everyone will be able to vote on what they'd most like to see.

The currrently unclaimed prizes are:

Caption Contests:

  • 83 Bob Loblaw
  • 84 Larkin
  • 93 Boomcow2
  • 94 Patrick
  • 97 Patrick
  • 99 Gargoyle323

Character Contests:

  • 32 Vigilante
  • 42 Morzan

If you're one of those, let me know ASAP so you can claim your prize.

Whoever I don't hear from by next Friday will have their prize thrown into the general pool.