Yes, you’re reading that right — it’s Cow-Pie Man!

I don't want to sound like an Anglophile here, but dizzam this is some funny stuff!

While many of our Bad Costume entrants are seriously lame, Cow-Pie Man is humorously bad on purpose, in the process showing what a Bad Super Costume means better than words ever could. The underwear on the outside of the pink baggy leggings, the bowl on his head, the towel, and of course the name which, logo of a big pie of meat and horns notwithstanding, in the actual American West means a steaming pile of manure, all force me to conclude that this character is Grade A Awesome.

I tip my hat to you, British Isles, for once again proving that you are second to none when it comes to humor. I look forward to the day when an American film company will option the rights to this character, change his name, make him serious, cast Will Smith in the role, and spend a hundred million dollars to produce an overwrought, incompetent, uninteresting bit of pablum that completely loses everything fun in the original.

18 Responses to Yes, you’re reading that right — it’s Cow-Pie Man!

  1. Scorpidius says:

    Aahhh memories!! That’s Desperate Dan from the Dandy Comics.

    Used to read them when I was a wee chap, loved them!!

  2. Hammerknight says:

    So you noticed that they cast Will Smith for every superhero role too. I though it was just me. If you are going to make a movie about a comic book character keep to the books. You notice that Captain American had to be in charge of the Howling Commandos in the new movie, because they had already changed up the real commanders race, and in WW2 that would not of been. If the character is male leave them a male, if the character is Japanese leave them that way. Next thing you know they are going to say the real reason they didn’t make the Wonder Woman TV show was because they couldn’t cast a man for the title role with out getting into trouble with Marvel by using Wonder Man. Our heroes have been around since 1938 and have made it this far for who they are, so stop changing their race, sex, sexual orientation, country of birth, costume, and everything else they try to change. They don’t miss with other books, or else we would of watched “Cherry Potter and the Sexual Experiments at Hogwarts”, so they need to stop missing with comics too.
    Oh, yes the costume is so bad that it is cool. But how many kids back in the day didn’t have one just like it.

  3. Anarchangel says:

    Oh God, I remember reading this way back when I was just a little weirdo. Thanks for reminding me of this awesomeness Jeff. I need to go find some Dandy comics πŸ™‚

  4. Trekkie says:

    I was expecting something bad or just plain laughable. What I was not expecting was Desperate Dan. Or any character from the Dandy.

  5. Jeff Hebert says:

    Desperate Dan FTW!

    The backstory on this is that I stumbled upon it in an Antiques store in downtown Silverton while visiting with friends yesterday. Never heard of it, just had “Cow-Pie Man” staring at me from a pile of large format comics. I thought it was hysterical and had to buy it.

  6. Watson Bradshaw says:

    it is great to see Desperate Dan here on heromachine, I remember picking up the Dandy and Beano comics as a kid. There should be a British superhero team book that consists of Cow-Pie Man, Super-Ted, Banana Man, Danger mouse, Dan Dare, and Minnie the Minx!

  7. X-stacy says:

    Yes, HK, it’s truly tragic how little representation straight white men get in superhero movies. πŸ˜›

  8. TopHat says:

    *Gasp* Desperate Dan!

    Thank you Jeff for reminding me of my childhood, and making me slightly less bitter.

  9. Trekkie says:

    Watson Bradshaw- How about Billy Whizz as well? He’s got super-speed, after all.
    I would definitely buy that comic if it existed, though.

  10. punkjay says:

    This is so funny I almost fell out of my office chair!

  11. Hammerknight says:

    Thanks X-stacy, just one of my soap box day.

  12. Cliff says:

    Watson Bradshaw (#6)
    Danger Mouse,
    Colonel K, and
    Baron Silas Greenback

    I loved watching Danger Mouse back in the early 90s! somewhere, buried, I have a VCR tape of some of the episodes.

  13. Joshua says:

    Britain, when we first met through Doctor Who, Paul McCartney, and Mr. Bean, I didn’t think there was anything you could do to make me love you more– but here you went and did it. Some day ours won’t be a long-distance relationship.

    Until then…


  14. Gero says:

    Jeff, I’m pretty sure that when we make this into a generic action film that completely ignores the original comic’s humor/satire, we’ll just cast Stallone again…

  15. Myro says:

    It’s too bad that I’ve never heard of Desperate Dan or Dandy Comics before now. Any idea who does the art on this? It has a very Al Jaffee-Mad Magazine look to it.

  16. Me, Myself & I says:

    The question mark in the smoke on top of the volcano is an interesting little addition. Its like even the land itself is wondering what the heck this dude is wearing.

  17. Thomshow says:

    The wickipedia page on Desparate Dan looks to be about right, if you are interested in the artists for the strip.

    And here’s a news story from the BBC website from when the Dandy entered The Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest running comic:

  18. X-stacy says:

    I meant to put this link in my last post, but forgot: