Character Contest 68 Winners!

First, I am math illiterate and so accidentally numbered the "Cancer Zodiac Contest" as number 67, when in fact it was 68. Oops.

Second, bald guys rule.

Third, thanks to all the folks who entered what was a very difficult character contest week! I know this was a tough one to deal with and I appreciate your creativity. As usual, I've selected a handful of submissions that I thought stood out in some way, and then at the end I will announce the overall winner, who will receive their choice of a hand-drawn item by yours truly.

Now, here are your Finalists!

I wanted to start with some very funny entries that really made me laugh. First up is Atomic Punk -- note the wonderful touches like the little crab glasses and pony tail:

And XionUnborn:

Finally, Frevoli's very funny rendering of the myth at the heart of the sign:

Next up is AJW's take on one of my favorite shows, "Deadliest Catch" with a teaser for an episode that would be sure to rocket to the top of the ratings.

Sutter Kaine always brings the goodness and this week is no exception. I love the tattoos on the claws, the little keyboard, and the cigar. He's cute, but deadly. Meaning the crab, not Sutter Kaine. Though he might be both for all I know. Moving on.

Captain Brass has a good play on "King Crab" with this Silver-Age looking fellow:

dblade has another awesome image of a cool crab-like alien bursting forth from the crustal plains. Speaking of which, I need to take a shower. Moving on.

I think Erin is a first-timer -- welcome if so, and if not ... well, welcome anyway! -- who turned in some really nice images. I chose "Kraken" as the Finalist for it's great layering and dynamic action.

Haz went with a "Lady of the Hearth" theme, and I thought the whole setting turned out great.

Headlessgeneral's "Crab Queen" does a great job with backlighting and dripping water effects, but what I really like is the convincing characterization of a humanoid, but still very alien, creature.

Kytana turned in an absolutely lovely study in purple, including a custom-built crab that's both very clever and very convincing.

I think leadmetal's also a first-timer, though "Crab Tank" certainly is a great introduction if so. It's a funky and cool looking vehicle with a unique and fun design. Great job on this one!

Next up, the entry we all love to see each time, MLS' "cheap GI Joe knock-off", the Zodiac Commandos!

And here's the latest Zodiac Commandos team shot:

PapaKrok gives us another outstanding image with his slightly NSFW "Cancerian Sacrifice".

Tarkabarka gives us the lovely "Crab Rider".

Trekkie has another great robo-entry, this time cybernetically enhancing our favorite crustacean.

Finally, Vampyrist weighed in with a classic super-hero illustration that is really cool.

Before announcing the winner, I want to say again how much I appreciate the creativity and willingness to share of everyone who submitted an entry, including of course the Finalists above but also every person who isn't mentioned here. You do great work, everyone!

I can only choose one winner, though, so this week it gives me great pleasure to announce that the overall victor this week is ... Kytana! I believe this is her second win in a Character Contest, well-deserved for the beautiful color palette, the almost lyrical composition, and the great character designs. Wonderful job, Kytana, congratulations! Just let me know in the comments or via email what you'd like for your prize.

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and congratulations to both Kytana and all our Finalists!

30 Responses to Character Contest 68 Winners!

  1. Kaylin88100 says:

    Congrats Kytana, really well-deserved win there!

  2. PapaKrok says:

    Kytana!! beautiful work!
    Everyone! Crabtabulous!

  3. Danny Beaty says:

    Congrats Kytana!

  4. Dan says:

    nice job Kytana!!

  5. Sutter_Kaine says:

    There are some pretty dang impressive images here. I’m really going to have to step up my game.

    Kytana – Congratulations. Really great image. I really like the hair. The only thing I would even remotely say looked a little off is the left shin. I think whatever you did for the right shin would have worked just as well. Again, great job.

    Atomic Punk – Shellfish people stink, especially if you forget to put them in Tupperware and leave them out overnight.

    XionUnborn – What does Cancer Corp make?

    Frevoli – Funny. That made me think of Wile E. Coyote and his little signs for some reason.

    AJW – Nice. It almost makes me want to watch a show about guys fishing. Almost.

    Captain Brass – Funny. Jeff’s right. I could see this guy fighing Silver Age Flash or Green Lantern.

    dblade – Your picture is insane. The only thing I would have done differently is add something, like say a tiny little person, to give a sense of perspective in terms of the creature’s size.

    Erin – Cool idea and execution.

    Haz- Very original. Nice background.

    Headlessgeneral – Nice and spooky.

    leadmetal – Cool. I am almost motivated to try building a cusotm vehicle after seeing your image.

    MLS – Cool outfit. All the elements work together very well.

    PapaKrok – Nice. When I look at the crab-guy, I picture him holding a futuristic weapon for some reason. I think he would make a good alien as well as monster.

    Tarkabarka – Beau-t-ful.

    Trekkie – That’s just crazy. How long did it take to put that together?

    Vampirist – Cool pose and character, very dynamic.

  6. Pandademic says:

    Heh. I just looked back at the contest thread and saw that Kytana’s winner was an eleventh-hour entry. Nice buzzer shot, Kytana!

  7. Trekkie says:

    Wonderful picture Kytana, congrats!

    Also, well done to everyone else, there’s lots of great entries.

    Sutter_Kaine- I spread it over several days and ended up using over 100 items!

  8. Kytana says:

    I have not awaited that, also not that my last entry today come not to late. Sometimes good idea take time. And yes it was the second win. So thanks.
    I must think about the prize. I have so many wishes.
    Six in lottery or something like that.*grins

  9. Erin says:

    Cool. First time, and I made the final 10. All of the entries were great. I love Kytana’s make-shift crab. And leadmetal’s “crab tank”. Very creative.

  10. Tarkabarka says:

    Grats for the finalist.

    I can’t see all the pictures, especially the last contestant but when i see Kytana picture i only do one thing.

    I drop my jaws. – Awesome. Great composition.

    – Trekkie (@)

    Not so many that item count i use more than 169 layer 😀
    But your robotic animals are all awesome.

  11. dblade says:

    Great job, Kytana! When I saw that this morning I knew it was a contender! GO CRABS!!!

  12. Robottick says:

    Argh, I didn’t make it. Trekkie’s is my favorite.

  13. Myro says:

    Congrats Kytana.

  14. TOOL says:

    I like MLS’s whole team idea but dblade, thats pretty awesome! Mine didn’t make it either Robottick so don’t feel bad. I thought I had a great chance but its the judges decision in the end.

  15. @Kytana: Glückwunsch noch einmal!

    @Jeff: Thanks for the honorable mention. My first contest design is often the weakest. Then I try to amp my creative juices.

    @Sutter_Kaine: Lucky for me, my mom is allergic to shellfish. Never had the “pleasure” of spoiled bugs in the fridge.

    @All: Amazing variety. Naturally (mechanically?), my favorites are entries like Pandademic’s Crabshell and leadmetal’s Crab Tank. Cancer is the Zodiac that requires the armor treatment.

  16. Vampyrist says:

    Nice job Kytana. It was definitely a good surprise to see my name was among the finalists. If I can still make it to the finalists, there may still be hope yet amongst all these Dblades and Kytanas.. Even still, once I saw Kytana’s, I knew it was a winner. Great job.

  17. headlessgeneral says:

    Congatulations, Kytana! And great job everyone. And thanks, Jeff, for the mention!

  18. dblade says:

    @ Vampyrist (17): There are a lot of talented folk here so it’s anybody’s game. Admittedly when I saw Kytana’s “before the buzzer shot”, I had a feeling my chances at winning had gone down considerably. I just love it that there are so many different artistic styles to enjoy at every contest.

  19. Zyp says:

    Congrats Kytana! Fantastic picture! 😀 Tarkabarkas was one of my favourites too! Especially like the lighting effects on the legs!

  20. Kytana says:

    @Vampyrist: I am surprised too. Often i think that must the perfect picture for a Finalist and than i wonder when its not be there. And sometimes i think its not good for a winner and than it came to the best entrys. How i said last time: Tastes are different.
    @dblade: Sorry for you. As i see your entry i think the same(very cool and scary crab). But i lucky my last minute idea have won.
    And when i see Tarkabarkas(a tongue twister)i think of record of lodess war and warcrafts new epicmount in the same time.
    And trekkie(fan?)… you are crazy. *smile

  21. Kytana says:

    Danke jedenfalls und wer das lesen und verstehen kann der kriegt einen Kuss von mir!

  22. Tarkabarka says:

    Kytana(@) – Danke.

    Zyp(@) Thank you, but i only learn for the Master. – Your works inspirate me for use lighting effect.

    And for all Tarkabarka = Motley 😀

  23. Kytana says:

    @Jeff: I have long thing of that and i would ask if is possible to make a sideview face. Example:
    Is very hard to create that.
    It should be a full version(without hair, ears) and one with single items(nose, mouth, eye). So it is eventueal a use for woman an men face. The body is easier to make in side as the face so i think its a good help for people they dont can´t do that so well and also a help for people they like a individual pose.
    When it is easier to work one men and on complete woman is also a option…but this a two items and…and don´t know. I ask for them.

  24. PapaKrok says:

    Kytana! Great prize request!!

  25. @Kytana: Kiss for you, too! I grew up speaking German (Meine Groessaltern waren aus Bayern). We did not have “English as a Second Language” when I was in Kindergarten. I appreciate your efforts. I regret that I cannot speak in my true native language without a dictionary and a verb wheel.

  26. Kytana says:
    This is my weapon for my bad english. I have seven years english but serious… how often i use it in day-to-day life? In games sometimes when the player mix it. We called that denglish. And also the people write often in small. In german we write nouns big, but ok so is it easier.
    Und danke for kiss. I hope Jeff see that. Not the kiss.The prize i wish. *smile
    Btw: Bayern gehört fast schon zu Österreich! *grin

  27. Jeff Hebert says:

    Kytana, that’s a good idea! I’ll put it on the list. It does involve multiple things, though, so it may be a while.

  28. Kytana says:

    Thanks, Jeff.

  29. XionUnborn01 says:

    Clearly Cancer Corp. makes…clipboards? I dunno, I hadn’t thought that far into it. =D