HM3: Imp FNF2 prize 2 – Crouching legs

I've just added the following legs to Body-Male-Alternate at the very end as Imp's second prize for winning Friday Night Fights:

And here it is with a torso attached:

How you're going do do things like put boots on those legs, I honestly have no idea. But it's there for those of you who voted for it!

37 Responses to HM3: Imp FNF2 prize 2 – Crouching legs

  1. TheNate says:

    The male torso is very straight – the guy looks uncomfortable. Something like the female-slouching torso would work better here – if it were male.

  2. CPrime says:

    I agree with Nate. The legs are great and everything, but it’s the definitely the wrong torso. He looks like he’s in the middle of a riverdance.

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    For your information, that is Captain Riverdance. He’ll kick your ass and never once move his arms.

    As with all the Alternate items, they’re kind of a “you’ll have to jury-rig it to make it work”. Which I didn’t really take the time to do. For instance I think to really make it look right you’d want to rotate the torso a bit to the left, and pose the arms differently. This was just a quick and dirty thing to show where the colors terminate and meet at the body.

  4. jonnydemon says:

    Way cool! Jeff and Imp score again!

  5. Hammerknight says:

    Jeff I thought you were Capt. Riverdance. Great job on the legs I should get some good use out of them.

  6. The Imp says:

    Awesome. You’re doing a great job on these, Jeff.

    I’m glad I went the charitable route and had you take items from the list instead of thinking up my own.

  7. Jake says:

    Is it possible that the crouching legs could be split up? With two of the right legs, someone could make a sweet Spiderman stance.

  8. Mysterious Zed says:

    Super Hero
    I tried using the insignia box to fill both boots

  9. CPrime says:

    I think you can already do a spider-man stance though. They already have individual sections of legs that can be rotated to suit that pose. But yes, your suggestion would be made easier.

  10. Jeff Hebert says:

    That looks great, Mysterious Zed!

  11. DiCicatriz says:

    Hey now I can do a tasteful Dr. Manhattan without that awkward Ken Doll look!

  12. CPrime says:


  13. Hammerknight says:

    x=85 y=85 is what I used for female legs

  14. CPrime says:

    Zed, I can tell you masked something onto the feet to make the boots, but what did you use?

  15. ajw says:

    what a little laurie Dicicatriz whered she come from?

  16. The Imp says:

    Some of the boots look okay if you size and position them a little:

  17. Jack Zelger says:

    I was about to comment that more bodies could be made using this item if you could add a head in profile. But then I realized that would require an all new sets of eyes, mouths, noses, hair, headgear, etc, etc. So never mind. πŸ™‚

  18. Jeff Hebert says:

    I don’t object in principle to doing a “Head-Male-Complete” set that would feature completely rendered heads complete with eyes, noses, and mouths. And MAYBE hair, since there’s no way to know if you could fit anything on it or not.

    The heads could be in profile, or looking up, or pretty much anything. They’d be more like the heads in the “Mighty Men and Monster Maker” sets. In fact, I could do a set of ten or so “tiles” that were explicitly modeled on those, so if you wanted you could do complete characters just by loading three slots — Head-Male-Complete, Body-Male-Complete, and Legwear-Male-Complete — that would correspond to those tiles. An interesting idea …

  19. Me, Myself & I says:

    CPrime (20) can I suggest you review your character’s hands when making images. This character has a right hand where a left hand should be. I thought this image was pretty cool but the thumb being someplace it canΓ¨t actually go kind of throws me off a little. The pose iteself is actually really good and I like what you did with the belt!

  20. ams says:

    After playing with this item, I agree with Jake(9). Splitting the legs into 2 items opens many more possiblities and would let you use the regular leg selections also. Used the “crouching legs” on a female subject in this pic.

  21. Me, Myself & I says:

    CPrime (16) it looks like he used either a rectangular background OR the square insignia. They could both be sre-sized and masked to get that identical affect.

  22. Mysterious Zed says:

    Cprime(16) i just used the basic box in the insignia category and scaled it at X=165 Y=197 with rotation of 19

  23. The Imp says:

    @Jeff: I vote a resounding YES on the idea of pre-made head slots.

  24. CPrime says:

    @MMI (20)

    Aw crap you’re right. I kept messing with those dang hands and I thought I got it right and then screwed it up. But you know what, screw it. That’s now part of her character history. She has two right hands.

  25. CPrime says:

    @MMI (24):

    And thanks about the belt. I was just trying to figure out some way to show that she wasn’t running around bottomless, although the idea had crossed my mind… jk.

  26. spidercow2010 says:

    @CPrime(29): I don’t know how many times I’ve had to hold my own hands up in some odd position, matching my artwork’s pose, to see which side the thumbs are on. I remember seeing a photo of some 60s Disney animator drawing a character with some goofy expression, and he’s got his face all twisted into the same expression while looking in a mirror. These are some of the indignities we inflict upon ourselves for the sake of Art.

  27. CPrime says:

    Dude, I did that. I held my arms up in the same pose and I still got it wrong! That’s just sad.

  28. Ian says:

    I’d also be for splitting the legs into two pieces (preferably without bootie/foot part, so we can place other feet on it) It would also open up other bent-leg poses like the Spiderman or even a jump-kick like pose.

    Please Jeff, make it so!

  29. Dionne Jinn says:

    OK. I’m not sure if this is the right way to enter a conversation here. Or if I’m adding this picture right, but I did a little piece of experiment with those legs, practically hiding them with boots and pieces of clothes. So here goes…

  30. Jeff Hebert says:

    Nice job Dionne Jinn, and welcome!

  31. Dionne Jinn says:

    Thanks, Jeff. I’m going to play dumb now, since I know neither of my questions really belongs to a conversation about that set of legs. But then again, I don’t know where else to post this since I’m new to the site.

    1) Some of the alien heads have colour issues with teeth. Their teeth have been tied to the Colour 2, and only way to get them to stay white is to leave part of the picture uncolored. At least this is the case with the alien head #3, with bulbuous eyes and sharp teeth.

    2) Is there a possibility to have a “baby companion”? A small child/baby that could be held on the arm of the main character. Maybe colour 1 being that of baby’s skin and colour 2 the nappy. Any chances for something like that?

    As I know, this is the wrong place to ask these things, but couldn’t think of anything else. Thanks in advance for any help.

  32. Jeff Hebert says:

    Dionne Jinn (36):

    1) If I change it so the teeth are a set color, then others will complain that they can’t change it. It has to be one way or the other, and this is the way I chose at the time.

    3) Anything’s possible, but honestly that would take someone using a contest prize request. I’m trying to only do conversions and prize items till the code rewrite is done.

    You can post pretty much anything on any thread and I’ll get an email about it, so no worries. You can also just mail me directly using the “Contact Us” icon in the right column (the mail envelope) if you don’t want it in a thread like this, but it’s all good.