HM3: Bandaged hands

Part 1 of 4 in Imp's Friday Night Fights victory prize request is up and available for your use in HandRight-Standard (clear your browser's cache if you don't see it):

The bandage part is color1, and the area that receives any Patterning. I figured you'd probably want to be applying dirt or blood or leopard spots (I don't ask) to the bandagy part since the skin is mostly hidden. If you'd rather I reverse it, just let me know. Color2 is the skin portion.

10 Responses to HM3: Bandaged hands

  1. Aaron says:

    pretty cool

  2. Captain Kicktar says:

    I would think it would be better to have just the bandage part and then be able to overlay that on top of the normal hand.

  3. The Imp says:

    I kind of agree, Kicktar, but I think this is a good basic unit to have on HM anyway.

  4. Me, Myself & I says:

    Captain Kicktar (2) & The Imp (3) Why not have both?

  5. Captain Kicktar says:

    I actually thought of that after I posted MMI, I haven’t checked, but I’m going to guess there isn’t a female version, so until Jeff makes one, we could just resize and rotate the bandages to fit on the female hand.

  6. Me, Myself & I says:

    Captain Kicktar (5) actually I meant why not have the mandages with the hand and without?

  7. Me, Myself & I says:

    Oh, by the way Jeff, really cool!

  8. Jeff Hebert says:

    If someone wants to request just bandages over where the hands would go as a Glove down the road, I’m fine with that. But items in the actual Hand slot need to have some sort of gripping type of aspect; I want to keep the distinction between hands and clothing that goes ON hands separate.

  9. NewGuy says:

    those are cool haha

  10. Wesley Belk says:

    Haven’t commented in awhile, but these are perfect for my Fighters in my Clashing Forces series! Can’t wait to get back home and start putting them together! Thank you!!!