HM3: 80s Afro

I haven't heard back from Joel about this yet, so I'm just going to say, damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead. Joel, if you want any changes just let me know.

Anyway, here's his prize for winning Caption Contest 90 -- a "massive 80s style Afro" to join the two or three non-80s Afros currently in Hair-Standard (clear your browser cache if you don't see this one show up at the end):

The hardest part of doing an Afro is getting across just how dense and how three-dimensional the 'do is. You can't draw every single ringlet or curl or it ends up looking like a massive pile of scribble. So I tried to go for suggesting the masses of hair with just the jiggly lines at the bottom and around the edge, then putting in a 30% black screen around the face to indicate how it projects into the space around it.

Hope y'all like it.