Clash of the Giaks

The response was overwhelmingly in favor of fighting the Giaks that were attacking the cartload of hellspawn children. Luckily the Kai warriors issue pea-soup-vomit resistant robes, so we're good to go.

The ghoulish creatures thrust their spears at you and attack. Fight these creatures as a single enemy.

Using our spear and the awesome power of our Mind Blast, our COMBAT SKILL is 23 and our incredible ENDURANCE is currently at 21. For some reason fighting makes us type in all caps, perhaps that's a secret part of the Kai Discipline of Shouting, I don't know.

Regardless, using the Dungeons & Dragon Dice Roller, combined with the Lone Wolf Combat Results Table at a ratio of +8 (we may be weak stomached but we can FIGHT!), here are our rolls:

Roll 1 = 2: Enemy -5 (8), Lone Wolf -3 (ouch, 18).
Roll 1 = 6: Enemy -12 (dead), Lone Wolf -1 (17).

And so, with two swipes of our deadly spear we dispatch the foul beasts, spilling a not inconsiderable amount of our own blood. We rule!

Apparently the little bastards we were defending ran off while we were getting shish-kabobed. What do you expect, they're refugees, fleeing is what they do. Still, a little gratitude or a simple "Thanks!" would have been nice. Jerks. Instead we have the following two choices:

[polldaddy poll="3590764"]

I don't even remember there being a farmhouse, but sure, whatever. I hope it's made of gingerbread, then we can use our Kai Discipline of Mind Blast to chuck the mean old witch in an oven and finally get a meal. Then again, forests are nice, and rarely get burned down on general principle by marauding Giaks.