By a runaway margin, we are apparently a lot more heroic than one might have though after heaving up one's guts AFTER the last fight was over. We've gathered our wits together and decide to charge in and help the ugly, endangered little children.

You sprint towards the wagon. People are running everywhere in panic as the Kraan make their attack, carrying their poor victims off into the darkening sky. A large Kraan is hovering above the wagon and three snarling Giaks drop from its back onto the startled horses. You must fight them or leave the wagon and run to the safety of a nearby farmhouse.

I like what Worf said at the last decision point, that even if we die we will go out yelling KRRRAAAAAAAN! But don't let that say you.

3 Responses to Giakacious!

  1. X-stacy says:

    Well, hell, since we’re here I guess we might as well fight. But I’m a little wary of how many chances they’ve given us to avoid this fight.

  2. Oquies says:

    Run away! We still have a chance not to get possessed by demon children!

  3. Sean from Edwards says:

    Man this makes me want to find my old copies, assuming I still have them, and read through them with my sons.