HM3: Body Alternate final update

I've added the broken-up legs to the Body-MaleAlternate set of items in the HeroMachine 3 Alpha. I also fixed the problem with that one arm not working (thanks MartianBlue!).

No, this is not the final set of body parts. I want to consolidate at least all the legs into a separate set (maybe in Feet?), including at least one set of feline-like furry animal type legs. And I also need to put the new hands into the Hands slot.

So, yeah. Lots to do still, even with just the items from this set of twelve bodies. After that, we'll see.

12 Responses to HM3: Body Alternate final update

  1. Hammerknight says:

    Sounds great. It’s all coming together.

  2. Demented The Clown says:

    Yes At Feet Please

  3. Danny Beaty says:

    How about some feet to match the brontosaurus hands?

  4. MartianBlue says:

    I love the new bodies Jeff. I need to remake Batfan, but in the mean time here’s an old charcter I had remade using one of the new upper bodies, with the original arms and legs

    Also I hate to be the one to bring all the problems to your attention, but… although you did fix the original arm problem, there’s something else wrong with it :D. Not that it’s a big deal, but I’m guessing you want everything working right. Clicking the left arm, lays down a right one.

  5. Tim says:

    Cool, many thanks Jeff!

  6. BroCoyote says:

    Jeff, all the body parts look great and I don’t want to be over critical for your alpha version but you might want to start cleaning it up some. For instance you have
    Gorilla full body (limited use unless you want to put a funky head on it)
    Gorilla no hands feet (OK now add funky hands)
    Gorilla torso and arms (now I can add funky legs and feet)
    Gorilla left arm (just a mirror of the right arm)
    Gorilla right arm (just a mirror of the left arm)
    Gorilla chest and waist (OK the torso)
    It occurs to me that you are really dividing things up into the major body sections but still including the full body- this may appeal to some users, for speed. But I think you can dispense with the “full” body and just keep the individual parts. If you want to make a gorilla, grab all the gorilla parts, right now all I have to do is two parts the full body and the head.

    What I am thinking is you would make the full on drawing and part it out without providing the original drawing unless you intend it for a companion.

  7. BroCoyote says:

    You may have covered this in another string, as I am new to the blog I may be restating the obvious. So if you want to drop this comment please do, I wont be offended.
    For the normal humanoid you have the following components
    1.)Head – always a “full forward” or FF view no problem, this is great for character portraiture.
    2.)Hair – FF adding “multiples, mirroring, and layers” or MML make for more dynamic interest.
    3.)Eye – not Eyes if you want use the MML abilities and put it in. no real need to draw a left and a right one is there? OK, yeah some people what it in for speed.
    4.)Eyebrow – yes the same with the eyes go MML
    5.)Ear – wow yet another candidate for MML
    6.)Nose – OK you got only one nose…or do you? MML can change look quickly but not really necessary for symmetry, but even noes are asymmetrical… unless your some sort of ROBOT!!
    7.)Mouth – you guessed it MML to change the look
    8.)Torso- you have not been treating, the chest, neck and waist uniformly. For me I would break them up just into
    1.Chest straight on.
    2. Neck I know some folks without a neck. Can drop the head and you are done (perhaps a couple of funky necks though, stretch, giraffe, super muscled. Perhaps a growing category
    3.Waist as many as chests.
    9.)Arms, OK here you got lots of different methods but you got MML so left and right solved. You have 3 parts of the arm. Upper arm including the shoulder, lower arm including the elbow, and hand and wrist action. The hands you got covered there are just to many variations. The upper arm can have four basic views Outside, Inside, Biceps and Triceps. Same for the lower arm Front, Top, Under, Edge.
    10.)Legs like arms but don’t get to see the back of the legs too much but to add dynamics you can use three-quarter views for the 3 main parts of the legs upper to the hip, lower including the knee and the wonderful foot. Upper leg views: Full Front, three-quarter outside, three three-quarter inside. Lower Leg: same as upper leg. Foot same as above but add a full top, and perhaps a full bottom for the action kicking shots.

  8. Jeff Hebert says:

    BroCoyote: Thanks for the comments! I provide the full body for the more casual user, and for speed. It’s irritating when I have to go in and remember to click Multiple, and then go through all the bits to get a body when I know I could do it with just one click. I have to balance speed and noobness with flexibility and more experience, I think providing complete versions of most broken-up pieces is a good way to go.

    I honestly didn’t really follow much of your second comment …

  9. mathew says:

    Hey I have just two thoughts I noticed when you did the feet for the female standerd you only did the right foot not the left and what about female standerd hands when I try to do hands there to big for females.

  10. Jeff Hebert says:

    Mathew: There are quite a few sets that have Rights but no Lefts. That will be corrected in time. I want to get the one bunch nailed before converting them over. Female hands is on the docket for the very near future as well.

  11. BroCoyote says:

    Don’t worry about my second comment, it is obviously rambling, and disconcerted. Since, pardon the term, “novice” users are a considerable focus for hero machine most of my comments and suggestions would be out of scope. I appreciate your willingness for people to participate in your creative process, keep up the great work!

  12. Paul says:

    Whoo hoo thanks Jeff!