More like “Thud” than “Boom”

I think, if you're going to have a super-power that involves exploding things, that you should carry that theme through to the absolute extreme. Name, costume, effects, everything should be an assault on the senses so violent that you are forced to cover your eyes and look away in horror at the resulting carnage.

You know, like "Boom Boom", aka "Boomer", aka "Time Bomb" aka "A lame character by any other name is still lame":


Tell me you can look at that costume in those colors and not think something blew up. I dare you.

Note how thoroughly this to-the-max redesign pounds the metaphor home. From the hair that looks like it is currently in the midst of a nuclear blast to the bomb-shelter high collar to the massive eye protection, they don't miss a beat. But in case the reader is dumber than a sack of hammers, they also threw in some explosion logos on her boobs (because let's be honest, that's immediately where most fan-boys' eyes go), arms, and leg strap thingie.

And just in case that wasn't overkill enough, they also wrote her name down her leg. Which, honestly, was a great idea, because given the artistic team on X-Men at that time, it could be really hard to tell one character from another. This approach narrowly beat out the other idea of having them toting little name-signs a la Wile E. Coyote.

Without a doubt, though, what really brings this baby home is the color scheme. I can't remember the last time I saw such an ... innovative use of neon pink, day-glo yellow, and radiation orange.

No, wait, yes I can -- I suddenly realized where James Cameron got the color scheme for Pandora's jungles. Well done, sir.

My only criticism of this otherwise stellar outfit is that they made her keep her headgear retainer on. That's just cruel. We understand that dental work is a delicate thing and that teens often struggle with it, but come on, she's a crime fighter! Let the poor girl leave the acne cream and external dentifrice at home already.

(Character and image © Marvel Comcis, Inc.)