Neil Gaiman and HeroMachine (sort of )

With thanks to Nathan for sending this in, Neil Gaiman apparently did a riff on "Worst Comic Book Characters of All Time" for what I assume is a Canadian comedy show, and the intros for each entry have HeroMachine 2 character illustrations! Check it out:


Methinks I might turn this into a contest for next time, as I am sure you guys could come up with characters even worse than these if you put your minds to it!

This has been an interesting few months, first the incomparably awesome Michael Chabon mentioned that his kids use HeroMachine, and now it's a sideline in a Neil Gaiman comedy hour. Granted, I doubt Gaiman had any clue they were even doing visuals for the bit, much less where they came from, but still -- he's at least ten kinds of legendary, so to be in the same segment (even accidentally) is pretty cool.