HM3: Alternate bodies, part 1

I went ahead and posted these twelve new complete bodies in the Body slot called "MaleAlternate" for the HeroMachine 3 Alpha:


If you are having trouble seeing the preview, they are a banded metal regular guy; big hulking monster muscle guy; lobster guy; rocky earth elemental type; stylized dwarf; the guy who used to be in Male Toons (that set is now gone); regular guy with no interior muscle lines; thin adolescent body; fat bastard; gorilla man; lizard man; and hairy regular guy.

This is an interim release, as I wanted to get your feedback mid-stream as to whether these are worthwhile or not. In the meantime I'll be doing these same twelve without the hands or feet, then breaking out the arms and legs separately as well. Depending on the size of the file, I may then add some additional limbs that aren't part of these twelve bodies at the end (like the merman tail, the ghost tails, etc.), or those may be put into a separate set, I haven't decided for sure yet.

51 Responses to HM3: Alternate bodies, part 1

  1. Solander says:

    Amazing, I like them. Thanks for the release Jeff!

  2. Avenger says:

    Wonderful! Bravo! I can’t wait to use these!

  3. Scorpidius says:

    Hi Jeff

    These all look fantastic!!

    I must say though, I am really stoked about “Banded Metal regular guy” and “Hairy regular guy”. I loved how we had the different body skin styles in HM2. I know we have the patterns to add to the skin now in HM3, but you just don’t get the required look as you did with the predrawn bodies. I hope these become a success as I would love to see the other skin’s drawn up for us to use in HM3, I think they would really add something to our characters.

    Cheers and great job


  4. Jeff Hebert says:

    I agree on the “Materials” set Scorp. I had originally hoped that the Patterns would satisfy the need without having to do dedicated bodies, but clearly that has failed. So in addition to the two you mentioned, I’ll at some point (possibly next after these are knocked out) add a dedicated set of bodies along the lines of the old Materials ones from 2.x.

  5. Scorpidius says:

    Fantastic news!!! They will be such a brilliant addition, especially with all the new alien heads!

    Really looking forward to seeing them.


  6. Hakoon1 says:


    Great job Jeff!!!

  7. kryptkal says:

    Excellent job! I agree with Scorp about the patterns thing, although I love them, they aren’t always satisfactory with regards to whole body pattern or something. These bodies look AWESOME though!

    My only request is if you could please split up the arms and legs and other parts like you did in the normal bodies section. Great job Jeff!

  8. Firecracker says:

    Great Job Jeff! I’ve already started playing around with them and it’s really opened up some of the floodgates.

    Thanks man keep up the good work!

  9. kryptkal says:

    Sorry about the last comment I made at the end of my entry Jeff, I need to read. They look great, I can’t wait to use them!

  10. Demented The Clown says:


  11. Jester the Great says:

    Very nice work, Jeff – definitely got some ideas going – in the process of using the gorilla body as we speak. The only thing I was looking for that I don’t see is separate body parts for the above nonhuman bodies – such as the seperate limbs and torso, like krypt said. I’d definitely want to have a humanioid character with just, say, crab arms or rocky limbs, or one with ridiculously oversized hulk feet. But I digress – still excellent work, my friend, we’ll definitely use these.

  12. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks guys, glad you like them! I reckon I’ll keep plugging along on ’em then.

    @Jester: Limbs will be separated, that’s what I am working on now-ish (after doing handless/feetless versions).

  13. Scorpidius says:

    Defo keep plugging Jeff!

    Liking the lizard body, works great!

    now that lobster body is just asking to be turned into something!

  14. Anarchangel says:

    These are all awesome Jeff. You have now helped me remake one of my favorite early creations 😀

  15. Demented The Clown says:

    My 1st attempt

    Was thinking something along the lines of Radiation Man, but not as cheesy.

  16. The Eric says:

    Awesome, Jeff! Do you plan on making hands for the bodies that have hands but aren’t in Hands yet?

  17. Jeff Hebert says:

    @TheEric: Yes, hands without current representation will be ported over.

  18. NEON_N64 says:

    Awesome, really awesome.

    I love them, specially the un-muscled body (it’s amazing how some interior lines can make it look so different).

    As soon as they’re broken into parts, I’ll be playing a lot with them.

    Thanks Jeff !!! 🙂

  19. Nite Rider says:

    My question is not body-related. I would like to know how to save a character, not just at the HM3 site, but to my scandisk and then, download it at another computer. Sorry if it sounds ridiculous, but I’m not the most cyber-savy guy out there. I know I could save HM2.5 characters and download the information at another computer. Thanks.

  20. Jeff Hebert says:

    @Nite Rider: Unfortunately, that’s not possible at this time. Eventually I’ll probably have the save function tied in to some sort of online account that you can access from anywhere, but right now it’s a one-computer kind of deal for saves.

    Technically there IS a way to hack the info out and port it around, but it’s kind of complicated if you’re not very computer savvy. And it’s hacky so I can’t guarantee it’ll work.

  21. The Imp says:

    They look freaking fantastic. That’s really all I’ve got to say.

    You know what I hope, is that UGO releases the complete HM3 as a purchasable product that we can buy on CD. I would carry that thing around like Gollum with the ring. My precioussss…


  22. kyle says:

    will there be female version of these?

  23. Paul says:

    Yahooo…got my lizard man body thanks Jeff!

  24. Jeff Hebert says:

    Welcome, Paul 🙂 Your advocacy did play a somewhat significant role in that making it in, by the way.

  25. Nite Rider says:

    Thanks, Jeff. Also, will you be adding female jackets?

  26. Nite Rider says:

    Cool. Thanks again.

  27. Tim says:

    Awesome Jeff! Cant wait to use them. I think I can find some good use for ’em.

  28. Gero says:

    They look great! I think the “Fat Bastard” one is hilarious; he’s even got the correct pose from the Austin Powers movies…

  29. Ace says:

    Those are Awsome I really like the differint things your doing with this version of HM

  30. Jeff Hebert says:

    Just a quick update, I added items 13-24, the same 12 bodies but with the hands and feet removed so you can add your own from those other sets. Next up will be separating out the arms and legs.

  31. Gero says:

    Wow, that was fast…

  32. Paul says:


    I knew if I irritated you enough I would get my way…It works with my wife… 🙂

  33. Demented The Clown says:

    @Jeff there is one more body you should add to that list.

    This one in male standard, would be nice to have broken up.

  34. Paul says:

    I would like to put in a a last minute request. Can you make a feline style body. I know you have a furry human but I am looking for a body with feline legs and paws. If not can you make lower legs that are feline with paws that can be used on the hairy man torso?

  35. Olli says:

    Oh, jeah, a feline body would be great, a wonderfull addition to those feline mouth-parts in the nose- and die alien-head-list.

  36. Fabien says:

    I think a a paw must be added in a non human feet category.

  37. Steve M. says:

    Very nice. These will go a long way in realizing some ideas I’ve had for a while. If it’s not too late to make requests, would it be possible to see a slightly-spiky crystaline body, somewhat similar to the rocky earth elemental guy, or maybe a body with bubbles in it, like he’s made of liquid or some kind of gel?

  38. Gero says:

    I made my first character with one of the new bodies!

    The Original:

    And My Version:

    The socks don’t match up. I could have used the version of the body with the feet attached, and masked on two or three pairs to make it work, but then the wristbands wouldn’t have looked right. So it was basically a no win situation…

  39. J says:

    Awesome! Here’s hoping for a furry Wolfman type body later on.

  40. Jeff Hebert says:

    @J: Just wait for puberty. That’s when it happened to me.

  41. david says:

    I’ve been looking at all the body types that you’ve had can we see some new poses? or better yet bring all the ones from all the other various version and merge them all into one? It will give us a ton more selections to choose from.

  42. Jeff Hebert says:

    @David: Given that you can move all the various limbs around, rotate them, and scale them, there are an almost limitless number of body types you can make with HM3. Since I am not capable of drawing the thousands of items specifically to fit on each possible body variant, even just the ones in the other HM mini versions, you’re just going to have to learn to pose them yourself.

    To be clearer, this is more paper dolls than “Poser”. You basically get one pose, but you can move them around a bit in the joints to get something unique. Or you can use one of the non-Standard body types, limit your options on clothing, and come up with something not possible at all in any other program on the net.

  43. Jeff says:

    On the “Poser” thing. Would that possibly be Hero Machine 5 or 6? However, with Hero Machine 3, I produced this animation on youtube.


  44. Jeff Hebert says:

    Ha, I love it Jeff! Very nicely done. The sound effects were cool too.

  45. Nite Rider says:

    Thanks. But on the poser question. Are there any eventual plans for that, say, in a Hero Machine 6 or 7?

  46. Nite Rider says:

    OOPS! I’m also Jeff. I was another computer at the time.

  47. Jeff Hebert says:

    No plans for anything at all past 3, I’m not even done with that one yet!