RP: How Bob the Hypnotist rolls


(From "Sweethearts" number 88, 1945?)

3 Responses to RP: How Bob the Hypnotist rolls

  1. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. Fans of Grease, please stand aside:

    You’re not a number, you’re Janet Lee
    Lousy with a cup of tea
    Please go to bed
    Though not legally wed…
    You can; you’re Janet Lee

    Believe it! Hey I’m Michael Bay
    No, Gore Vidal, no Sid Lumet
    If I come across,
    Like De Palma just
    Know that you could make my day.

    Don’t you drink?
    Or even swear?
    Don’t you even pomp your hair?
    Here just have one cigarette
    Now aren’t you a little buzzed?
    How about dinner at Lucia’s?
    You’re getting spellbound like Bergman was.

    I’m actually Troy Donahue,
    And you know what I wanna do?
    You got some crust!
    I’d like to knock the dust
    Off of Janet Lee.

    Lookie lookie in my eyes!
    Now you’re really mesmerized!
    I’m not just another pretty Larry,
    and you’re the girl I’m going to marry.
    Look at me, I’m Bob!

  2. Loki says:

    Bob: You are now my Mind Slave!

    Lady: what? No I’m not!

    Bob: Just what I wanted you to say, Mind Slave!

    Lady: Bu-

    Bob: MIND SLAVE!!!!