HM3: On hold

Good news and bad news -- we got another paying client for a HeroMachine Mini version! Wahoo! That's good news because a) it continues to make the program valuable to UGO in a monetary sense (sales is what drives them) and b) it gives us a new toy to play with when it's done.

However, it's also bad news because it means work on HM3 will grind to a halt for the next 3-4 weeks while I crank non-stop on this very short deadline. So Polearms are going to be on hold, as will much of anything else except this new thing until further notice.

I'll still be updating the blog on the regular schedule so by all means keep checking in, making suggestions, generating hilarity, etc, but I wanted you to know the latest status, and to not be too surprised as new releases come to a halt for the next little bit.