Guide for the color blind

A long time ago, I had a request to make a color guide for the standard color swatches in HeroMachine 2 for someone who was color blind. I just stumbled upon the file on my hard drive, and thought I should re-post it here so it would have a final home in case other color-blind users might find it useful. Click on the image below for the larger, more legible sized version.

HeroMachine Color Chart

5 Responses to Guide for the color blind

  1. Eric says:

    “Dark purple peach pink”? try saying that 10 times fast.

  2. Ashton Jakobson says:

    Thats really thoughtful of you Jeff, I’m constantly surprised at the lengths that you are willing to go to, to please your customers. So Thank you.

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    Eric, I feel your pain. Trying to come up with descriptive names for colors that vary by only very small tonal differences was a bear. I didn’t want to go with something like “coral” or “beachcomber” that wouldn’t really tell a color-blind person what sort of color they were looking at, but I did unfortunately end up with some tongue-twisters like “dark purple peach pink”.

    Or I might possibly have been drunk when I wrote that, I dunno. No, wait — I don’t drink so that can’t be it. Give me a few days to come up with a better excuse, I am sure I can think of something …

  4. Me says:

    Two items which may assist those pushing color:
    ColorZilla for Firefox >>

    Kuler by Adobe >>

  5. Khymera says:

    wow thats a great idea! :two thumbses up: