Don't drop that dishtowel!

Stealth in the jungle can be achieved in many ways, from The Phantom's dark purple to Tarzan's flesh and simple loin cloth, but B'Wana Beast's approach, which I call "exploded flight of parrots", is certainly the most unique:

B’Wana Beast

I sense the costume designer had an issue of National Geographic in front of him while watching Mexican wrestlers on TV and enjoying the company of Mister Jim Bean. Or, as I suggested above, his car was hit by the cargo of a jackknifed semi full of tropical parrots and he sketched the results.

I can't decide which part of this costume I like best. Is it the bright red bullet helmet with the fabulous leopard-skin trim? The loincloth ripped directly from the table of the nearest Italian restaurant? Or the combination of Iron-Man boots with paw-print toppers? I just wish I could be there when the local tribe finally tells him that "B'Wana" in their language is not, in fact, "Revered White Hunter" but "Runs Around in Dishtowel".