Awkward super headwear

The French are famous for their fashion sense, which makes "Crimson Fox" a surprise inclusion in the "Bad Super Costumes" log with her ridiculous cape hat:

Crimson Fox

Is she a cobra or a fox? Maybe a fox in the process of getting eaten by a cobra? Either way, some villainous brick type character is eventually going to grab that irritating long hat tail and use it to smash her into a handy brick wall.

3 Responses to Awkward super headwear

  1. Redd Fox says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who she looked rather ridiculous…..

  2. DAn says:

    Listen. I’m british. From England. Land of hope and glory. I know negative aspects of the french like no other man could. Heres a simple truth. They are weeeee-urd!!!!

  3. tom says:

    thats a kite that got stuck on her head one night while she was scampering across the rooftops! seriously!