Bad food, bad supers, and sweet inspiration

Picture the scene, a hard-up comic book creator desperately seeking a new character for his struggling book. The deadline is looming, and his job is on the line -- he needs help, and quick! Frantic eyes dart around the room, hoping against hope for some sort of inspiration. Nothing on the book shelf, he's already done something with the clock, ditto for the calculator and calendar, no way "Staple Remover Guy" is going to work, there's my leftover bowl of Top Ramen ...

Top Ramen

And BAM! Just like that, the day is saved! See, his name is Prince Ra-Man and he has mental powers. Get it? He messes with your noodle. Brilliant!

Prince Ra-Man will mess with your noodle

(Image and character ©1986, DC Comics, Inc., from "Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe", Number 18.)

(Edited to change a couple of words in the post and title, as Prince Ra-Man is actually a hero, not a villain. Apologies to him and the deceased soul of Merlin which lives in him.)