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Power User Profiles: Herr D

Ages ago, in the mists of time when Jeff still did all of the blog posts, there was this thing called Power User Profiles. The idea was to highlight certain members of the Heromachine community who make a big contribution to the community. I always loved this topic on the blog, so I thought I’d bring it back for a few ‘machiners who I think really deserve the title Power Users. This week, a very unique creator who has a definite style to all his pictures and certainly to his comments. So please welcome, Herr D.

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Power User Profile: djuby!

Back in the day, we used to have a little feature I called “Power User Profiles“. It was a way of getting to know some of the more prolific and creative members of the community via a hard-hitting Sixty Minutes style questionnaire. I’m bringing it back this week in lieu of a broader Sharing Day because I got fascinated by the profession and style of djuby. So without further ado, sit back and enjoy getting to know this intrepid illustrator better.

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Power User Profile: TOOL

I’m happy to bring back the Power User Profiles for at least one week, featuring longtime contributor TOOL!

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Power User Profile: WillyPete

Although not as active on the blog here, WillPete has been a mainstay of the UGO HeroMachine Forums for a long time, and an indispensable guiding hand there.

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Power User Profile: Gene

Gene makes me consistently laugh, whether he’s on the HeroMachine Facebook page or right here on the blog. He’s one of the more active and engaging folks we have ’round these parts, and I am delighted we get the chance to know a little more about him in this week’s Power User Profile. I give you … Gene!

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Power User Profile: headlessgeneral

Our Power User to profile this week did well in the last Friday Night Fights and always comes through with interesting character designs. I give you headlessgeneral!

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Power User Profile: Asder

Our Power User to profile this week is the winner of Character Design Contest 49 (Scorpio) and the producer of consistently outstanding work: Asder! I love how many of our active and awesome users come from outside of the U.S., that’s truly amazing to me, and I’m profoundly grateful that you all struggle through a foreign language to not only create, but participate. Thank you!

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Power User Profile: Tarkabarka

Our Power User to profile this week is the winner of the last Character Design Contest and all-around great commenter, Tarkabarka!

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Power User Profile: McKnight57

Our Power User to profile this week is frequent commenter and excellent comics reviewer McKnight57! Which reminds me, I should add a question to the list like “How did you come up with the ‘handle’ you use?”

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META: No PUP today

I dropped the ball on the Power User Profiles and thought I had one ready, when in fact I don’t. My apologies, but we’ll have no PUP today.

So if you all want to treat this as an open thread, go for it! Discuss anything you like within the bounds of appropriateness. If you have another community member you’d like to see profiled, definitely let me know. Or you could discuss the weather, the “DC52″ relaunch, what upcoming super-hero movies you are excited about, college football, or whatever you like.