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PUP REDUX: Anarchangel

I think that a recurring theme of this series is going to be “and when I started out this is whose style I badly ripped off”. Last time out it was DiCicatriz and this week we have yet another of my all time favourite ‘machiner’s. A great creator with a seeming bug fixation (no idea why, those things is creepy), but at least he manages to turn them into awesome characters. Oh and for everyone who joined the community after his original PUP was posted, now you know what the name is all about. So, now I’ll shut up and let Anarchangel “blabber on a bit” (his words).

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PUP REDUX: DiCicatriz

WARNING: Major amount of fanspazzing ahead, you have been warned.

So, for the second of our PUP reduxes we have the first person to get back to me about the idea after kicking the whole thing off with Kaldath last week. And boy was I happy about who it was. Now, if you guys don’t know who my favourite ‘machiners of all time is, you need not look any further (sorry everyone else). His creativity in costuming, his use of colour and his mastery of shading just make him one of the most inventive and awe-inspiring creators still active. Plus, he is a thoroughly nice guy (no matter how many times I’ve ripped off his characters he’s still cool about it) and an around awesome dude. And as a fan of At The Drive-In, I can certainly appreciate where he got his name from. So, it gives me great pleasure to pass you over to DiCicatriz

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PUP REDUX: Kaldath

*Cue confusion*

Hang on JR, what are you doing? I thought  Kaldath already did a Power User Profile! Why have you got him doing one again?

Well, let me explain. I have had a few people in mind for doing new PUP’s, but I haven’t had any way to contact them and, as seems to be the way, a few of them have completely disappeared off the radar. So, what do? Well, if you go back to the Power User Profiles that were done by Jeff, they are now 4 years old, and could do with a bit of an update, especially as a lot of the pictures and galleries have disappeared completely since the switch from UGO. So what I thought I’d do is this, lets give all the old Power Users a chance to update their profiles if they so wish. And where better to start than with our head moderator? Honestly, all of you guys who keep thanking me for keeping the site running aught to be thanking Kaldath, he does more than I do, I’m just more in your face. And to make things a bit more interesting, I’ve redone the profile questionnaire. So, if anyone who did a PUP for Jeff would like to redo theirs, you can contact me by email at and I’ll send you the new questionnaire (there are more questions on it than Kaldath has answered, because you don’t have to answer all of them if you don’t want to). It’d be nice to get a few old ones redone, if just for old times sake.

Oh, and I just realised, I’m writing this on the 4th anniversary of the first ever Power User Profile, nice and coincidence.

So without further ado, I shall hand you over to the very capable hands of Kaldath.

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Power User Profiles: Skybandit

So, I was going through the old PUP’s last week and I thought to myself “Hang on, there’s someone missing here. You’re not seriously telling me he hasn’t done a PUP yet?” I actually searched the category and his name in the side bar to confirm it, so sure was I that either I’d just missed it or it hadn’t got put in the right category, but nope. So, after kicking myself for not noticing that this long-standing and valuable member of the community has gone unrecognised for so long, I contacted him and got him to do a profile. He has a highly recognisable style, notable for his use of bright silver-age style colour schemes and often hilarious pastiches that has often landed him near the top of many a CDC since the days of Jeff’s judging to the present. So it give me great pleasure to finally announce the Power User status that is long overdue to Skybandit.

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Power User Profiles: Stulte

This weeks Power User is one of my favourites of the current crop of creators to have joined the community in the last few years and, much like Nug from 2 weeks ago, one of the forum members I enjoy interacting with the most. In terms of his art, he has created a wonderful world that mixes fantasy and steampunk and is served up with oft beautiful, sometimes blood-soaked, but always stunningly put together visuals. Plus he the mastermind behind one of my favourite contest entries of all time (his entry for the Steampunk contest, though I know he’ll disagree with me on this) and certainly one of the best contest winners we’ve had this year, with his 7 Deadly Sins contest winning The Seven. So ladies, gentlemen, trolls and dwarves, please welcome Stulte.

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Power User Profiles: Son4

This weeks profilee has a fantastically unique style that is unlike anything else I’ve seen in Heromachine. His creations have a very cool cyber-punk style, mixed with a cartoonish edge that makes them stand out from everyone else. And luckily for everyone else, he does take requests (which I have taken advantage of in the past). Plus he’s a cool dude anyway, which is always a plus. So, ladies and gentlemen, please give a big hand to Son4.

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Power User Profiles: Nug

I did say I had something special planned right?

I’ve decided to bring back the Power User Profiles for a short run because there are a few members of the community I wanted to profile, starting with todays Power User. A personal favourite of mine and one of the forum members I interact with most regularly, he’s made numerous contest polls, even winning on of the most hard fought and competitive polls this year, CDC80- Steampunk (still don’t understand why you didn’t pick that one as your favourite pic man, but it’s your call I guess). So ladies and gentlemen, please give a big hand for Nug.

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Power User Profiles: Vectorman316

You know when I said that last weeks PUP was going to be a one off? Yeah, I lied. Considering that this weeks Power User has featured in pretty much every poll for every character design contest he’s entered, and won 3 of them, I feel bad that I’ve neglected asking him to do a profile for so long. Thankfully, that shall be righted now as we welcome the newest member of the Power User club, Vectorman316.

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Power User Profiles: ExtremelyEpic

So, I am again doing another one off PUP. And this time we’re going to take a look at someone who can only be described as a Mech-Expert. His work frequently stuns me, using items in ways I never thought they could or would be used. He also does some pretty kick-ass landscape works as well, which really show of his skill at atmospheric shading (if you go to his galleries one the forums or deviantart check out a pic call Trapped, it really exemplifies this. Oh and Abyss. Actually, just check it all out, it’s worth it). Plus he has a very apt username. So ladies, gentlemen and mechanical lifeforms, please welcome ExtremelyEpic.

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Power User Profiles: Iscarioto

Once again, I’m going to be bringing back the Power User Profiles for a one off special, because the opportunity came up this week to cover one of my favourite creators of all time. His work is so instantly recognisable and incredibly well constructed, each and every piece is jaw dropping. Iscarioto asked me to pick my favourite picture to put up with his profile alongside his choice and, going through his gallery before posting this, I found it nearly impossible to decide, which is unusual because everyone has at least one or two works that stand out even if you’re someone like headlessgeneral or AMS. And that’s not to mention how fun it was working with him on the Ascension community project on the forums. So, with that all said, please everyone give a big hand to our newest Power User: Iscarioto.

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