Power User Profiles

Power User Profiles: FRM

One of the highest posters on the forums (although I think he may have fallen behind a bit recently), it gives me great pleasure to welcome this week’s Power User; FRM

Power User Profile – JR19759

When I joined Heromachine and started perusing the forum pages, JR’s was one of the first I landed on. Since that time I have been a regular visitor watching this amazing young man’s work evolve into the glorious work he is creating today. His singular, angular style, mastery of colour, and the complexity in his… [ Read more … ]

Power User Profiles: prswirve

With Heromachine, some creators are great pose makers, some are great shaders and some do great costumes. This weeks Power User can easily fit into all these categories. So, please give a big hand for; prswirve.

Power User Profiles: RobM

This weeks Power User is the master of creating comic book covers on the ‘machine. He also managed the silver medal at the last Friday Night Fights. So, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome: RobM

Power User Profiles: Livewyre1014

This weeks Power User is a great creator who has one of the most well thought out comic book universes on the forums. He’s also a great commenter and kick-ass pose builder. So, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the one and only; Livewyre1014

Power User Profiles: madjack

Our Power User this week might just be the best Heromachiner to come from Luxembourg, certainly the first Power User from the Grand Duchy. He is also an excellent ‘machiner, having created heroes for all 50 states of America (plus 2 for good measure) and national heroes for a number of countries. So, without further… [ Read more … ]

Power User Profiles- Moognation

This week on Power User Profiles, we take a look at the man behind the winning entry for the Hundredth Character Design Contest. A creator of excellent silhouettes and female characters, please give it up for….. Moognation

Power User Profiles: Scatman

When I decided to bring back the PUPs I made a list of ‘machiners I’d like to include, today’s power user was top of that list. Which is not really that surprising, when you are name checked alongside AMS as one of the masters of Heromachine (by djuby and Kaldath no less) you know you’ve… [ Read more … ]

Power User Profiles: NHA247

I haven’t seen many people try to do a full comic using only heromachine before, but this weeks power user is, and to his credit it is great. Coupled with the fact he is an excellent creator and all round decent guy, I’m happy to present our newest power user: NHA247

Power User Profiles: Trekkie

Some people have a certain style when using Heromachine that sets them apart from others, and todays Power User is one such person. Creator of the finest sci-fi armours and robot dinosaurs on the forums and only the second power user to have a name directly taken from a certain legendary tv/ movie series, ladies,… [ Read more … ]