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Hey everyone, just a bunch of random stuff this time. Some con loot, some gaming news, a quick Halloween, and an announcement of my insanity! I kid, but not by much. Anyways, let's get to it!

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Bran-Con 2019 Roundup!

Last use of this graphic πŸ™

Well, after months of anticipation and an equal amount of costume creation, Bran-Con has finally happened! Let's have a look!

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Picard Trailer!!

So a trailer dropped yesterday that I have to talk about. I'm talking of course, about Picard.

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Cosplay Work In Progress- 1 Month, 2 Days to Go!

I feel like we're getting down to the wire, here. I'm feeling the crunch. So here's how we've been doing lately.

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Cosplay Update- T-Minus 2 Months!

Guys, when was the last time I wrote a post? Okay, I can look that up easily enough but I think we can all agree it's been too long. Mostly because I've been working my butt off in available moments on cosplay. It's exactly 2 months now (2 months from TODAY is Day One of Bran-Con!) and I'm starting to feel the con-crunch. That might seem a little premature, but between a couple of intense weeks coming up at work (including hardcore training and then running a whole department to myself!) and school starting in a couple of weeks, I'm feeling the squeeze already. So here's a big ol' progress dump and lots of pictures.

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Cosplay Update- Countdown to Bran-Con!

Hey everyone! Let's check in on the cosplay progress!

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Spider-Man: Far From Home Spoiler-Free Review

Hey everyone! Let’s talk Spider-Man! I finally got to see Far From Home this weekend and I definitely want to talk about it! As usual, no spoilers!

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Cosplay Update + Medieval Food Test!

Hey everyone, I know I've been MIA lately. Things have been nuts lately, especially with school wrapping up. But, time waits for no one and those costumes aren't gonna make themselves, so let's look at what (little, unfortunately) progress we've made! And as a bonus, a cake!

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Godzilla: King of the Monsters Review!

Hey everyone, just here to give you all some quick thoughts on the Godzilla: King of the Monsters! Possibly mildest of spoilers ahead with one point, but otherwise spoiler-free!

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Poll Position: Best Superhero Film Of All Time

Ok, so after our last poll ranking all of the MCU movies from worst to best, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit another old List we did a few years ago, this time from 2016. So, this time we're looking at what the best superhero film is. Considering the number of superhero films that have been released, this should be a good one. We're talking anything superhero, from Superman and Captain America's WW2 propaganda films, through Batman's 1966 film, to the 70's Superman films, Batman's 80's/ 90's efforts (if you feel sadistic enough to nominate any of his 90's output), to the 2000's revival through to the MCU and DCEU. We're including both live action and animated, as well as anything not Marvel or DC, so The Mask, Hellboy and the Crow are all fair game, as are both Incredibles films.

Rules: You can add your own entries to this poll, but only once a day.Β  I've started us off with 10 random films, but you can add any superhero film you like, just as long as it's not already on the list and you must leave a comment saying why you think the film you've added should be in the top 10 of all time. You can vote for up to 5 movies a day and the poll is open until the 7th of June.