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We had already scheduled the "Black Panther" episode of the Nerdmudgeon podcast months ago, well before the recent tragic loss of lead actor Chadwick Boseman. His death really punched me in the gut, and I'm not ready to think about who will take what role in what films he might have been in. I just want to take the time to appreciate the wonderful performances he gave us, like this one.

Give it a listen here and thank you, Mr. Boseman, for sharing your wonderful gifts with all of us.

2 Responses to Nerdmudgeon: Black Panther

  1. The Atomic Punk says:

    RIP Chadwick Boseman. He was a fine actor. I cannot help reflecting on the cruel irony that in the movie Killmonger destroyed the source of Black Panther’s power so there would never be another only for it to come to pass in real life.

    The best thing about Black Panther is the world-building: the detail, the costumes, the lived-in look, the rituals, and customs. Yes, it would be like Shangri-la or Atlantis revealing itself to the world. I have so much to say about this movie but will touch on a couple notes not mentioned in the podcast. So spoiler alert!

    The casino scene. More so, when Okoye greets the old woman and vouches for T’Challa. This suggests that Wakanda has been working in the shadows for a long time and has global connections. How coordinated and effective the Wakandans are at fighting. They are serious covert ops.

    When offered the Heart-Shaped Herb to become the savior and ruler of Wakanda, M’baku declines to save T’Challa. It is a powerful message that people can disagree even violently. Though when the time comes, respect is stronger than pride. Dignity before dishonor.

    Finally… whose dog was whimpering in the background?

  2. AFDStudios says:

    Ugh that was my dog. It’s hard to edit out all the crap going on in the background when I’m recording.