Picard Trailer!!

So a trailer dropped yesterday that I have to talk about. I'm talking of course, about Picard.


I'm gonna be honest, I watched this with the happiest of tears in my eyes. Honestly, so many things made me happy here. I know I talk a lot about Star Wars, but Trek is also a huge piece of my being and a massive piece of my earliest exposures to sci-fi. I like to say I grew up with the four 'stars': Trek, Wars, Gate, and Fox.

Let's have a quick rundown of stuff I noticed while I geek out:

-To start: Picard is back! He is quite literally the captain I grew up on! (and my favorite with Janeway in a very close second) I feel it's like Whovians when they talk about their 'first Doctor', in a way.

-Data! Obviously not alive again, but back in some context!

-His dog's name is Number One!

- Is that an Enterprise hologram?

-Something fishy going on. I know that later series' gave a more 'everything's hunky dory with the Federation as long as you don't look too deep' take on the whole thing. Not surprised they are continuing that.


-Borg Cube! Oh S%&$t!

-Seven of Nine crying over someone with the red shouldered uniform (presumably). Crap, that's Chakotay, isn't it? I bet it is. 🙁

-Is that some updated technology? This is supposed to be post-destruction of Romulus that spun out the Kelvin timeline of the new films. Or so I understand.

- Mystery!

-Seven of Nine! And she's still badass!

-Riker! And Troi! And they have kids! I'm weak!

-That moment at the end. Love it.


Okay, and there's another trailer?



Luckily, this series hits right before my birthday, so Happy Birthday to me, I'm getting new Trek!