Picard Trailer!!

So a trailer dropped yesterday that I have to talk about. I'm talking of course, about Picard.

I'm gonna be honest, I watched this with the happiest of tears in my eyes. Honestly, so many things made me happy here. I know I talk a lot about Star Wars, but Trek is also a huge piece of my being and a massive piece of my earliest exposures to sci-fi. I like to say I grew up with the four 'stars': Trek, Wars, Gate, and Fox.

Let's have a quick rundown of stuff I noticed while I geek out:

-To start: Picard is back! He is quite literally the captain I grew up on! (and my favorite with Janeway in a very close second) I feel it's like Whovians when they talk about their 'first Doctor', in a way.

-Data! Obviously not alive again, but back in some context!

-His dog's name is Number One!

- Is that an Enterprise hologram?

-Something fishy going on. I know that later series' gave a more 'everything's hunky dory with the Federation as long as you don't look too deep' take on the whole thing. Not surprised they are continuing that.


-Borg Cube! Oh S%&$t!

-Seven of Nine crying over someone with the red shouldered uniform (presumably). Crap, that's Chakotay, isn't it? I bet it is. 🙁

-Is that some updated technology? This is supposed to be post-destruction of Romulus that spun out the Kelvin timeline of the new films. Or so I understand.

- Mystery!

-Seven of Nine! And she's still badass!

-Riker! And Troi! And they have kids! I'm weak!

-That moment at the end. Love it.


Okay, and there's another trailer?



Luckily, this series hits right before my birthday, so Happy Birthday to me, I'm getting new Trek!


One Response to Picard Trailer!!

  1. The Atomic Punk says:

    I am casual to Star Trek. When was Romulus destroyed?

    The trailers posted “are not available at this time.” I checked the ones on YouTube. It’s good to see the involvement of other Trek alumni. The production value is crazy spectacular. The fatal flaw to me is that it will be on CBS All Access. How many streaming services are we supposed to subscribe to?