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Vacation Open Thread 3

This is your daily open thread, talk about whatever you like, of course keeping it clean and friendly.

Vacation Open Thread 2

This is your daily open thread, talk about whatever you like, of course keeping it clean and friendly.

Vacation Open Thread 1

This is your daily open thread, talk about whatever you like, of course keeping it clean and friendly.

META: Friday Night Fight ideas

This is an open thread to discuss what you’d like to see us do in the next iteration of Friday Night Fights, which I hope to have up soon. If suggesting a theme, keep in mind that it has to support the creation of five characters.

Past FNFs have been:

  • FNF1: One character per genre, to cover sci-fi, fantasy, super-hero, and “open”.
  • FNF2: Create Robin Hood in Space, to include Robin Hood himself; Maid Marian; Friar Tuck; Little John; and their nemesis, the Sheriff of Nottingham.
  • FNF3: Create a Classic Five-Member Super Team With Unified Costume Designs, to include a Gadgeteer; a Martial Artist; an Energy Blaster; a Mentalist; and a Brick.
  • We could do another Robin Hood type of thing where we come up with some sort of overarching theme, and you have to create five specific types of characters. Or we could do something totally different than we’ve done before.

    So let me know what you liked about past editions, what you didn’t like, and any ideas you have for the next go-around.

    Hall of Fame updates coming!

    Today’s usually “Sharing Day”, so I’m finally going through the nominations for new “Hall of Fame” HeroMachine illustrations. As a result you’ll see a ton of new posts today when each of them goes up. In other words, today should be a long series of awesome images, rolling on like the tide!

    Feel free to use this as a space to discuss them as they go up, or to talk about whatever you like.

    Hall of Faves

    I finally updated the “Hall of Fame” with the last dozen contest winners (thanks to reader Meres for the kick in the pants) and was once again blown away by your creativity and talent. So instead of our usual RPG day today, I was hoping you’d take a bit to go through the Hall of Fame images and give us one or two of your particular favorites, along with why you like them, what you think makes for a good design, and anything else that occurs to you.

    Sometimes I find it very inspirational to look through galleries of cool artwork, and I want to spend today feeling that way. I hope you do, too.

    META: Freshening up

    I feel like the blog is in need of some fresh material or new blood or something. Are there feature ideas you’d like to see? Anything you are sick of and want to retire? How would you feel about my adding one or more additional co-bloggers to produce entertaining material for you all, and what sorts of things would you want to see them cover?

    Basically I’m trolling for new ideas and plan on stealing your brilliance to present as my own. It’s a win-win! Well, technically a win-lose, but … look, squirrel!

    META: Winning

    I’m considering changing contests up around here so that there is no one “winner”. I’ll still pick out a handful of what I consider to be my favorites, but I won’t single out one to receive a prize.

    I think people are getting too hung up on that one thing, when in reality anyone who enters is a winner. And once there’s just a handful of Finalists left, the selection of one person is pretty arbitrary. I mean, it’s just my subjective opinion.


    META: Traveling and Open Thread

    I’m winging my way to New York City today for a conference, so the Pop Quiz will remain open until this evening when I am safely ensconced in my hotel room and can get to judging. Behave yourselves!

    Feel free to treat this as an open thread to discuss whatever you like.

    META: Traveling Day

    I’m flying back to Durango today, so I’ll be scarce ’round these parts.

    I don’t think the story telling thing is going to work after all, so let me know if you have any ideas for features you’d like to see regularly run here on the blog and maybe we can come up with some replacements.

    Otherwise, this is an open thread, talk about whatever you like!