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HM3: More gloves and, finally, a seal

*tap tap* Is this thing on? Hello?

Excellent! I’ve just uploaded the following items, created by dblade, to the live HeroMachine 3 server:

If you don’t see them in your previews, clear your browser’s cache. The seal body is in Body-Monster while the gloves are in GloveRight-Standard. I have female versions of them from dblade but not in the program yet, and will upload them at some point as well.

I want to thank dblade for these and for all the other items he’s contributed. You’re a champ, Champ!

I also want to thank Kaldath and Hammerknight for keeping the blog side of things rolling along.

I hope you all have a great New Year’s celebration!

META: Comparisons

Just for grins, I put together all of the redrawn HeroMachine 2 Companions and their redrawn HM3 replacements. I’ve come a long way, baby.

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HM3: New Humanoids

That sounds like a really bad Marvel super hero group from the Seventies. But it’s not! What it is, is a new Companion-Humanoids set now available for HeroMachine 3. Here are the new entries:

Click the image to embiggen.

The first ten or so are redraws of items that are in the HeroMachine 2 humanoid set that I always meant to include, but forgot about. The remaining items were mostly Sketches of the Day that were easy to cut and paste into the program.

I’ve gotten a number of questions about why I am doing these when I said I was done adding new items for now. And the short answer is, because they were both easy and fun to do. The hard part is drawing the line art in the first place, and since that was already done for the majority of these, it was no big deal to add them in.

I’m now back in the self-imposed new-item-moratorium. I hope you enjoy these new additions!

HeroMachine 2 Companions

A request was made to import the Companions from HeroMachine 2 into HeroMachine 3. I’ll be honest, I’d forgotten how many items there were in the old one that don’t have an analogue. But before I go whole-hog into this, I want to check in and make sure this is a) something you want, and b) how you would want it.

The reason I didn’t import these wholesale is that the art style is so drastically different between the two iterations. I can redraw them all, but in the process they’re going to look a lot different. Here’s a sample:

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Cops and Crowds

The Companion-Humanoids set has just been updated with the following items:

Let me know if you like the way the silhouetted group turned out. I wasn’t sure what to do with Color2, so I drew in the skin areas. If it works well, I have probably four more silhouette groups I could give the same treatment to.

New pistol fronts and cityscapes

I’ve just updated Background-Cityscapes and ItemRight-Pistols with the following items:

Hopefully those will help with some of the more creative poses you all are trying to do.

META: HM3 ads

I just updated the HeroMachine 3 app page to support Google Ads. It seems to work but the code is weirding me out, so if you see anything not behaving correctly, please let me know.

I believe I have it set up where if you go to the widescreen view, the ad disappears so you can see the entire canvas, and then it comes back when you return to the default. Again, if not, holler.

New dblade items

I’ve just uploaded the following Noses, Mouths, Hair, and Ears to HM3 thanks to the artistic stylings of one Mr. dblade. Be sure and thank him in the comments for his hard work!

Pinky and the thang

Marquis Samedi requested a hand held flat and seen from the pinky side for his Character Contest 93 victory. I went ahead and threw in another hand based on the same reference photo he sent for a twofer since he’s awesome. And so am I. And so is ice cream.

These two items are now available in Hand-Right-Standard.

HM3: New Cityscape

As her prize for winning Character Contest 82, Phatchick requested “a more upscale urban street design”, which I’ve now completed and added to Background-Cityscapes. I couldn’t figure out how to include the trees in the colorable areas, so they’re permanently that green.