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HM3: Cityscapes

I’ve just updated the core HeroMachine 3 app to support a new set of items. They’re in the “Background” slot, and the set is named “Cityscapes”. Here they are:

The first one is the “Dark Alley” from Replacement Prize List 2. Since I didn’t want a whole set of items with just one thing in it, I went ahead and did the rest. Hopefully you’ll find them useful when making settings for urban characters.

I’ve just double-checked and the updates are live. If you don’t see the new set in the list, you’ll have to flush your cache.

HM3: Noob mask

Another set of items from the Replacement Prizes list, now available in Headgear-Military:

HM3: Body Armor

The first item off the second Replacement Prize list is now live in Tops-Male-Tech, modern body armor:

The first one is the complete set, the second is just the padding so you could put some kind of textured undershirt beneath it, and the third is just the vest. Enjoy!

HM3: Tardis Control

I’ve just uploaded Watson Bradshaw’s prize for winning Caption Contest 104, a Tardis-style control panel now available in Background-Standard:

HM3: dblade’s got legs, and he knows how to use them

With thanks once again to the tireless dblade for drawing them, I’ve just posted the following items to “Body-Male-Standard” (female versions to follow … some time):

These are essentially some of the existing paired legs, separated, I believe. Hope you like them!

Wingin’ it

With many and profound thanks to dblade for drawing them, I am happy to announce that I have just uploaded the following set of items to the Backplane-Wings set for HeroMachine 3. As you can see, they’re outstanding:

I realize segmented spider legs aren’t exactly “wings” but I had the file open anyway and couldn’t think of a more logical place. So nyah.


HM3: Itempalooza

We’re very lucky to have the indefatigable dblade drawing items for use in HeroMachine 3, and getting them to me in a format that’s super easy to import. I’ve had quite the backlog of submissions from him waiting in the wings for a long while, and am happy to finally get them posted.

This also marks the debut of new contributor Zachary Hamilton, who provided the neat “Blades of Chaos” you see towards the bottom of the sample image.

From top-right to bottom-left, you can find these items in Male/Female-FantasyArmor; Tops-Female-Coats; Shoulder-Right; Tops-Male/Female-Coats; Foot-Right; Item-Right-BladesTwo; and Body-Zombies.

Be sure to thank dblade and Zachary in the comments! I did have to redraw the coats to fit on the female form, which is what took most of the day, otherwise they’d have been up very quickly.

Next, on to the Replacement Prize list!

HM3: Female Profile Heads

Finishing up Kytana’s contest prize, I’ve just added the following two female heads in profile to the Head-Female-Standard set:

Note that I’ve left the eyes totally blank, so you can use the separate pupils and eyeballs from the Eyes-Standard set to make her look whichever way you want.

Character Contest Prize: Creeper

Borntobealoser requested a creeper or some other “Minecraft” item as his prize for winning Character Contest 66. Rather than doing the big pixellated version you see in the actual game, I decided to do something more interpretive, inspired by this Scifer take. Hope you like it, BTBAL! It is now live in Companions-Standard.

HM3: Turned heads

Kytana requested a “profile head” for her Character Contest 68 prize. I’ve put up three versions in Head-Male-Standard as a test — let me know what you think. It didn’t make sense to me to leave off the nose, mouth, and eyes, since there aren’t any profile-view versions of those.