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Character Of The Week

As promised, one of the new weekly blog posts. Now there idea here is not only to give  praise, but to look at good design features and highlight techniques that make the composition work. So without further ado, this week we’ll look at Renxin’s Kwan Yin.

29th June Renxin-KwanYin


This was entered into this weeks CDC, but I had to disallow it due to it contravening the ‘no current religions’ rule, however, it is certainly worth looking at more closely.

First off, let’s look at the colour. Being a representation of a Buddhist god, the colours are very light and natural, none look out of place or overly dominant. Using only three colours is one of the best techniques for getting a good costume, you can often smoother a good design by using too many colours, no matter how well chosen they are. By using only the green, purple and white, it allows the foreground figure to stand out more against the background. The fading effect used on the colours of the lower dress (HINT: which is done by using the rectangle or circles on the last page of the Background-Shapes page and setting the first colour’s alpha setting to 0% and then masking to the desired object) is a really simple but effective technique that can be used in lots of different ways (such as shadow effects or highlighting).

The lotus petals around the feet is a really neat way of using that insignia and by using a lighter outline colour compared to much of the rest of the piece, it differentiates these foreground objects from the main composition in a highly effective way.

The choice of items for making the clothes, whilst not highly innovative, is very effective. The skirts for sleeves is a good example of going to other categories to find what you need.

My favourite part of this piece however, has to be the face. I’m still not quite sure what item was used for the eyes (maybe the manga style nose? Do you think you could clarify for us Renxin, I’d love to know) but it works perfectly. The expression definitely says ‘peace’, which is the point of a depiction of buddhism. The choice of items for the hair and hairpiece were very well chosen and certainly add to the whole head area without drawing attention away from the face, much like the background ‘halo’.

Overall, a wonderfully executed piece that looks very simple, with no masses of shading, because it isn’t needed. Shame it wasn’t eligible for the contest really.

HM3: ItemLeft-Music

You can now listen to the dulcet tones drifting forth from the ItemLeft-Music set in HeroMachine 3. Enjoy!

Note that you may have to clear your browser’s cached to see the new option.

HM3: ItemLeft Updates

HeroMachine 3 has just been updated with ItemLeft-HeavyWeapons and ItemLeft-Miscellaneous in my ongoing mission to provide swapped alternates for the Right Hand items. As usual, you may have to clear your cache for the new item choices to appear in the drop down.

HM3: ItemLeft-Energy now up

The title says it all. Clear your cache and buckle your seat belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy flight.

HM3: Blunts

I’ve just updated HeroMachine 3 with the “ItemLeft-Blunts” set to make your outfitting process easier. Note that these are not the kind of blunts you would smoke, even though I’m in Colorado now, but rather heavy objects used for bludgeoning.

You may have to clear your browser’s cache before the new set shows in the list and loads.

HM3: ItemLeft-BladesTwo now added

As the title says, you now have access to “ItemLeft-BladesTwo”, which is the Worst Name Ever.

You may have to clear your browser’s cache in order for the new set to appear in the list, but I have verified that it is live and working.

HM3: Item Left Blades Now Live

In my ongoing effort to complete the project, I’ve just updated HeroMachine 3 with the flipped Blade set, now available in ItemLeft-Blades. These are the same items as in ItemRight-Blades, only now you can add them without having to jump through the “Multiples”-“Flip”-“Position” shuffle. You can just click and they’ll appear in the character’s left hand in the right spot.


HM3: FootLeft-Female added

I’ve added “FootLeft-Female” to the HeroMachine 3 slate of items as a complement to “FootRight-Female” so you no longer have to get by with duping and flipping.

Edited to Add: FootLeft-Tech is now added as well.

HM3: Female Mouths

I’ve just updated HeroMachine 3 with a new set, “Mouth-Female-Standard” that properly positions and sizes all of the old items to fit on the female figure’s head. This should complete the set of gendered features and make it easier to create your heroines or villainesses. As always, you may need to clear your browser’s cache (but not Flash cookies!) to see the new option appear.

While moving these around I kept thinking “Man, that dblade does some nice work.” So thanks again, sir, for your fine artistic skills and generous spirit!

HM3: Female Facial Features Now Added

I’ve just updated HeroMachine 3 with support for three new sets of items, female versions with properly positioned and sized ears, eyebrows, and noses. Mouths and eyes already had such sets published, but until now you had to manually tinker with the others to get them to fit.

Let me know if you see any weirdness. Hopefully this will make it faster and easier to create your female characters.

As usual, you may need to clear your browser cache (note, do NOT clear Flash cookies or you’ll lose your saves!) if the new options aren’t immediately visible in the set selection drop down list.