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JReviews: Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 6- The Caretaker

Ok, review time.

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JReviews: Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 5- Time Heist

New episode, new review time. Not much to say about this one.

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JReviews: Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 4- Listen

So, we’ve had two “bad” episodes in a row, how does this one fare?

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JReviews: Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 3- Robot Of Sherwood

Oh dear. I don’t actually want to write this.

Hopefully that’ll set the tone for what’s to come after the jump. Sorry guys *gives pained and defeated smile*

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JReviews: Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 2- Into The Dalek

Well, that was… interesting.

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JReviews: Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 1- Deep Breath

Guess who’s back!!!!!

And it’s not just them. It seems that you guys can’t survive a week without me. I go away on holiday for 7 days and when I return the forum has completely gone kaput. Guess that means I’m not to go away again ;)

Anyway, on to the real business, because, as I’m sure most of you are aware, the new series of Doctor Who started on Saturday, whilst I was unable to watch it admittedly, so I have only just seen it, which is why this review is up today, rather than on Sunday. But it would appear I am rambling, lets just get onto the review.

See ya below the jump.

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JRroundup- Doctor Who Series 8: Hopes for the new season

So, I saw the first advert for the next series of Doctor Who earlier today, announcing the date for broadcast of the first episode. Which of course can only mean one thing, MASSIVE HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To kick off, I’ve decided to do a top 5 yay and nay list of things I do and don’t want to see in the new series. Now, quick disclaimer before we get into it, these are my opinions, if you agree that’s cool, if you disagree that’s cool too. I want this to be a discussion not a one sided agreement fest.

So without further ado, lets get into it, after the jump of course.

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Doctor Who: The Time Of The Doctor- A review and some thoughts

Ooooooooookaaaaaaaay. Hope everyone survived their Christmas dinner and is ok for my ramblings. And considering the fact that this is both a “special” and Matt Smith’s last Doctor Who episode, you can expect a lot of rambling, plus I’ve got a lot to get off my chest about this one. So please, let us begin. Warning, will contain spoilers. And nuts, a lot of nuts.

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Doctor Who: 50th anniversary review

So, it’s finally happened. After I don’t know how many months of teasing us, we’ve finally got to see the grand celebration. And of course, considering I reviewed the last series after it had finished, I shall now go on to review the 50th anniversary, including all the special programs that I watched. I will apologise in advance, I’ve just come off of watching it so, yeah. Also will contain spoilers.

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Sci-Fi Corner: Aliens

This week, we’re going to have a look at the major sci-fi staple; Aliens. The main thing I want to look at is why we seem to identify best with humanoids. If we look at the best loved and most famous aliens from sci-fi history, Predator, Chewbacca, the Klingons, E.T etc. they are very easily identifiable as humanoids, bipedal, human forms, all features (mouth, eyes, nose (usually), hands, feet) all in places we’d expect to be. Even the less humanoid aliens, such as the Aliens or Jabba The Hutt have some humanoid features with few bits taken away, like the humanoid rear legs on Jabba (but he still has very human arms) or the human-like head/ face on the Aliens, which is the bit that makes them so scary, as we humans seek emotion from the face, so removing the face makes the Aliens emotionless and unnerving. The only major alien that has no humanoid features, that I can think of off the top of my head, would be the Daleks, and we can argue semantics over whether the Daleks count as full aliens or cyborgs, because of the pepper-pot mobility suit, but even there they were engineered by a humanoid from humanoids, which is meant to be (alongside the Cybermen) a metaphor for the dangers of surgical enhancement, by making them less human they become more scary.

Anyway, I’ll let you guys take over now. Why do you think we identify better with aliens that are more human? Can you think of any famous non-humanoid aliens that are worthy of major note that I’ve missed? And who/ what is your favourite alien?