Pop Quiz

Winner of Pop Quiz #3

From Herr D Let’s start off with Keric. Good depiction. Love the facial expression. Two things dragged you below the others–A literal interpretation of a song, even one as offbeat as one of the Rocky Horror songs, is less original than the other entries. The other? Just in general, pictorial representation of music is HARD…. [ Read more … ]

DJuby’s Pop Quiz #3: Isn’t it ironic!

Guest Poster and Judge: Herr D Greetings and salutations. Some of you may know the term dramatic irony, and I’ll bore you with a simplistic definition–sorry. Dramatic Irony is when we know something that he /she / it / they don’t know.   So in today’s Pop Quiz, the audience (us, but most importantly, me)… [ Read more … ]

Djuby’s Pop Quiz #2 Winner

Djuby has picked his winner and here are the results:  Even though there were very few entries this week, I have gone back and forth between two images – well three initially for over an hour now. In the end, I have decided to go with the one that made me laugh out loud. This… [ Read more … ]

DJuby’s Pop Quiz #2: HeroMachine Has Left The Building!

The date was December 8, 1960. Pop idol Fabian visited Elvis Presley at Graceland and lent him his pants when Elvis ripped his demonstrating karate. It’s true; I looked it up. Your challenge this week is to give us your best Elvis. Maybe it is young Elvis from GI Blues, black leather Elvis from his… [ Read more … ]

Djuby’s New Pop Quiz! #1

Djuby has graciously offered to tackle the pop quizzes from now on and below is his first effort towards that end!! The Rules: 1) You may post ONE ( 1 ) and only one entry to this contest so make it Good! 2) All entries most be posted as a direct link to a public sharing… [ Read more … ]

Pop Quiz: Vehicle

Your one-day challenge this week is: Make a vehicle in HeroMachine 3! You can do a car or a plane or a train or a space ship or a ridable robot or whatever, so long as it’s something people can ride in or on. You only get one entry — that’s right, just one! So… [ Read more … ]

Pop Quiz: Mascots

Saturdays in the US during the fall and winter tend to center around college football, along with each team’s ridiculous mascot. So your one-day challenge this week is: Make a college sports mascot in HeroMachine 3! It can be for a real school or for one you make up (Hogwarts, anyone?!). You only get one… [ Read more … ]

Pop Quiz: Clowning Around

I thought after Halloween we could use a little cheering up, so your one-day challenge this week is: Make an awesome clown in HeroMachine 3! Happy clown, funny clown, scary clown, evil clown, you name it, just make it great. You can do just a face, just a head, just the clown, or a whole… [ Read more … ]

Pop Quiz: Jack-O-Lantern

It’s Halloween Weekend in the U.S., and while last week I challenged you to make a mask, this week I’m inspired by Blue Blazer’s nifty Justice Pumpkin. So I’m tasking you to: Make your own Halloween Pumpkin in HeroMachine 3! If you don’t feel like making your own basic pumpkin shape, there’s one in Head-Zombies… [ Read more … ]

Pop Quiz: Halloween Masks

With Halloween in the U.S. fast approaching, I wanted to share this awesome article from Lifehacker about making your own custom vacuum molded masks. It sounds like so much fun! But since I can’t code that into HeroMachine, instead I’ll challenge you to create your own Halloween mask in the program. To be clear, I… [ Read more … ]