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Quick and Easy Challenge #9 “Hands Down” Winner

And the winner this week”Hands Down” is



dJuby. Congrats dJuby. Great job everyone.

Quick and Easy Challenge #9 “Hands Down”

For today’s challenge you need to give your characters a “Hand”. Besides the basic body parts, head/face, and hair(the human parts of a character) you can only use items from the Left or Right Hand sections. That’s right you must make the costume out of hands and only hands. Using anything else will take you out of the running. Keep it clean and have fun. One character per person.


Quick and Easy Challenge #8 “Saddle Up” Winner

The winner this week is Calvary_Red. It made me laugh when I saw it, and brought back childhood memories. Great job. I would like to thank everyone for entering this week.

Calvary_Red Win

Quick and Easy Challenge #8 “Saddle Up”

Today’s challenge is to take a companion and design a saddle for it. No rider needed all we have to see is the saddle on the companion. Have fun. Limit one entry per

Quick and Easy Challenge #7 “Wild Card” Winner

Here it is, a little late but it’s here. Keith_Kanin-RoyalFlush_zpsfa0f1228 Everyone did a great job this week.

The winner this week is Keith Kanin.

It has been a busy few day, along with my wife and I having colds, so this has to be short and sweet.


Quick and Easy Challenge #6 “Smart Phone” Winner

All of the entries were great. It was hard to narrow it down to just one winner. But there was one that I had to keep going back to look at. It was one of those that stood out. With the smart phones today there is nothing out there safe from cameras anymore, and I could so see this one sweeping the Internet. Great job everyone. This week’s winner is Luc.

Luc entry

Quick and Easy Challenge #6 “Smart Phone”

Happy Saturday morning everyone. Today’s challenge is to us the smart phone in the picture below as a frame for your art work. The phone is maxed out at 999×999, and that is what yours needs to be also. The biggest part of you image needs to fit within the screen of the phone. As you can see I let the companion’s hand come off of the screen to make her look as if she was coming out of the phone (at least that is what I was hoping for). It doesn’t matter what you design as long more then 90% stays within the screen of the phone.

Smart Phone Challenge










Have fun and remember to keep it clean.


Quick and Easy Challenge #5 “Heads or Tails” Winner

Some really good entries this week. The winner this week is Renxin. Great job everyone.Renxin











Sorry for the short sweet post, I was working outside today and ended up getting blisters on a couple of my finger and the skin came off. So figures are raw and it’s hard to work the mice. I’ll post all the entries by the end of the week.

Quick and Easy Challenge H#01 Winner

After reading all the post and seeing the pictures, all I can say is that everyone is a winner. I want to thank everyone for making Hero Machine the best community to visit. It is a great place for all ages of the family. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Season Greetings to everyone in my online family and friends.

Quick and Easy Challenge H#01

As I posted earlier this week I will be filling in for the Pop Quizzes for awhile. I give you the “Quick and Easy Challenge”. They may spring up at anytime, but for now they will be on Saturdays.

For this challenge, in honor of the coming holidays, create your best holiday card. Give us your best Holiday wishes. One entry each for this challenge. The winner will be announced Sunday Morning.From my wife and I, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.