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Anime Talk: Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

Sorry if this Anime Talk's a little late!

Quick summary:

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet is a 13 episode long anime about Ledo, a young soldier in the Galactic Alliance of Humankind who, while retreating from a battle against the Hideauze, finds himself with his Machine Caliber Chamber on the planet Earth, which has been completely covered by the ocean and humans now live on large groups of ships called fleets. On Earth, Ledo meets and joins up with the fleet Gargantia and slowly gets accustomed to this new way of life.

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Anime Talk: Top 10 Rom-Com

Rom Com

Considering Valentines day is right around the corner I decided on this edition of Anime Talk I would give you my personal top 10 list of Anime Rom-Coms or Romantic Comedies! So without further delay we will begin with number 10 right after the Jump ....

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Anime Talk: Log Horizon

Hello everyone! Since Kaldath hasn't been feeling well as of late, I thought I would take over doing the Anime Talks for now. Just as a note, I shall be reviewing these animes based on their own merits, and not on how they follow the source material. After the break, my first review!

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Anime Talk: 12 Days Of Anime – Day 12

On The 12th Day Of Anime Japan Gave to me:

Bleach Opening 10 - Shojo S

This one is all about the music, because it is my all time favorite band SCANDAL and their song Shojo S. I originally started watching bleach bout 3 years ago but lost interest about 1 1/2 season into it. Recently however I have gone back and started over and found a new love of the series and the fact that my above stated Favorite Band SCANDAL perform the opening for season 10 and 15 doesn't hurt, and Shojo S is in the top 5 of my favorite scandal songs!

and as a Bonus I will include SCANDAL's Music Video for this song!

and this concludes the 12 days of Anime, and seeing as it is now Christmas day I want to take this time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!


Anime Talk: 12 Days Of Anime – Day 11

On The 11th day of Anime Japan Gave to me:

Boob Humor - Life is unfair

Ok, I admit it! I am a 42 year old man that turns into the giggling 13 year old boy over boobie jokes and I found this scene very funny! It was taken from the Anime The Devil is a Part-Timer and I just laugh whenever I see it especially because of the Hamburger cut scenes !

Anime Talk: The 12 Days Of Anime – Day 10

The the 10th Day of Anime Japan Gave to me:

Koujo and Asagi Kiss

In this scene from the Anime Strike the Blood, we have Asagi tricking her childhood friend of Koujo who is our main character and secret vampire lord into kissing her, thus confusing her feelings for him. The scene is great mostly because of his expression after the kiss, but I also love the reaction of Koujo's little sister Nagisa and main love interest and leading lady Yukina's reaction after the fact!

Anime Talk: The 12 Days Of Anime – Day 9 … Spoilers

On The 9th Day Of Anime Japan Gave to Me:

Stick up Datery?

This is another one I couldn't find a clip for to show you all, though I will link you to the first episode and the scene in question is the very first scene of episode 1. ... Anyway This is from the anime Amagi Brilliant Park and to be honest with you I have only just started watching this show myself because of some elses 12 days of anime review and like him felt this scene needed to be shared because frankly I think it is really funny! The Anime opens up with transfer student Sento asking out Kanie to an amusement park the following Sunday. But this is no ordinary date request because it is being performed at gun point giving poor Kanie no choice but to say yes!

Now I will honestly say that besides for this scene and a few other with Sento and her gun I am finding the anime to be enjoyable but nothing  special. That being said I will continue to watch the show and hope for even more gun toting hilarity to follow

( Here is the full 1st episode of Amagi Brilliant Park, just watch the first scene or the whole episode  ............... )

Anime Talk: The 12 Days Of Anime – Day 8 —- SPOILERS

On the 8th Day of Anime Japan Gave to  me:

Touma Confronts Misaka

From A Certain Scientific Railgun comes this clip which honestly spans a bit more then a single scene but though cheating a bit here you're sure to understand once you see it how powerful it is as a whole. Here we have Touma confronting Misake over her decision to sacrifice herself for the highly uncertain chance that it will save the lives of her clones. It is just a highly emotionally charged encounter from one of my favorite anime so I needed to share it with you all !

Anime Talk: 12 Days Of Anime – Day 7 – Spoilers

On the 7th day of Anime Japan Gave to me:

Hiyori Crosses over, or does she ?


I couldn't find a video clip anywhere for this scene, but from the anime Recently my Sister is Unusual I bring you the last scene of the anime. The Ghost Hiyori has apparently crossed over into the after life. Mitsuki is moping around missing her "friend" even though she caused her a ton of trouble by using her to vicariously fulfill her Love for Yuya, Mitsuki's step brother and laments her life returning to "normal" which seems to displease her.

Mitsuki is broken out of her funk when Hiyori reappears and informers her that they have more work to do before she can actually cross over and she will be around a little longer. Realizing this means more misadventures with Hiyori using her to try seducing her step brother Mitsuki screams out, I don't want this! Completely reversing the feeling the scene from a sad one to a comical one.

I most give a bit of a warning that this anime is very ecchi, and at time is only a step or two from becoming hentai, but it doesn't truly cross the hentai line in my opinion, but it does have a incestuous feel to it was the step siblings interactions, so if you have issues with that I would avoid this anime, but if you can get past those issues it is a very funny and enjoyable show.

Anime Talk: 12 Days Of Anime: Days 1-6 ….. SPOILER ALERT

I recently came across this concept on youtube, where Bloggers and Vloggers in the anime community are doing a twelve days of Anime thing and I thought it was rather cool and I want IN!!!! Of course I am coming in late to the party and so I am playing catch up.

The premise here is rather simple, once a day from December 14th through the 25th you are suppose to pick one moment/scene from an anime that you watched sometime this year ( the anime does not have to have been made this year you just have had to have watched it this year ) that impressed, angered, moved, or otherwise made an impression upon you and tell the world about that moment.  Since I am obviously late and we are on the "6th day of Anime" I will post the first 6 together here and then starting tomorrow I will do one a day.

Feel free to talk about your favorite moments in Anime from this year in the comments below .........

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